Me-TV pays tribute to Davy Jones

Me-TV has announced it will air a special tribute to Davy Jones on Sunday, March 4th, 2012 at 12:30PM ET.

From a press release:

Me-TV will air a special tribute to Davy Jones on Sunday, March 4, 2012, beginning at 12:30pm ET with episodes of “The Brady Bunch” and “Love, American Style” featuring the memorable pop idol. Davy Jones took America by storm as a member of “The Monkees” musical group of the “60”s and stole Marcia Brady”s heart in the “Getting Davy Jones” episode of “The Brady Bunch.” Jones later starred in two episodes of “Love American Style” in the “70”s, showcasing his unique style, charm and wit that were his trademark throughout his career. In “Love and The Elopement,” Davy plays a confused suitor opposite Karen Valentine. “Love and The Model Apartment” features Davy in a rather unique honeymoon suite.

12:30 PM The Brady Bunch “Getting Davy Jones”
1:00 PM Love, American Style “Love and The Elopement”
1:30 PM Love, American Style “Love and The Model Apartment”
All times Eastern.

Be sure to check local listings.

3 Replies to “Me-TV pays tribute to Davy Jones”

  1. I was very disappointed when these shows were not aired in my area. I had heard about them while watching METV on Saturday, March 3. On Sunday March 4th I tuned in specifically to see this tribute, but there was some stupid infomercial about memory enhancers on instead. What a waste of air time!!!!!I will not be relying on what METV says it is airing in the future.

  2. I agree, Steph. While it was aired in my area, the channel froze up half into the show and STAYED that way until closing credits. It froze during the scene where Davy and Marsha sit on the couch discussing her being his date for her prom. In other words, right after his appearance.
    First they only give him minimum tribute, then they screw that up. Very disappointing.

    1. Let me not forget that just prior to this episode, the aspect ratio of the shows changed. It had been fine, and suddenly everthing was short and squat, with that typical look of having it set wrong. NOTE: This was not our cable provider or our television…

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