Nielsen Top Ten, January 9th-22nd, 1967

Here are the first ten programs from the ninth Nielsen Television Index (NTI) report for the 1966-1967 television season, covering the eighteenth and nineteenth weeks of the season, from Monday, January 9th, 1967 through Sunday, January 22nd, 1967. They were published in the February 13th, 1967 edition of Broadcasting [1]. Note that the Nielsen ratings are the average of both week’s programming except in the case of special programming or pre-emptions.

The two highest-rated programs during the two-week period were both broadcast on Wednesday, January 18th. First was “The Bob Hope Christmas Special” on NBC, which drew an incredible 38.0 Nielsen rating, followed by “Cinderella on CBS, which pulled a respectable 31.4. Two other shows — Bonanza on NBC and The Andy Griffith Show on CBS — also averaged a 30.0 rating or better.

Outside of the top ten, the first two episodes of Mr. Terrific on CBS (Monday, January 9th and Monday, January 16th) ranked 14th with an average 24.5 rating. And the first two episodes of ABC’s The Invaders (Tuesday, January 10th and Tuesday, January 17th) ranked 21st with a 23.1 rating.

## Program Net Rating
1. Bob Hope Christmas Show (Special) NBC 38.0
2. Cinderella (Special) CBS 31.4
3. Bonanza NBC 30.7
4. The Andy Griffith Show CBS 30.0
5. The Lucy Show CBS 28.4
6. The CBS Friday Movie NBC 27.6
7. The Jackie Gleason Show CBS 27.3
8. The Ed Sullivan Show CBS 27.0
9. Hogan’s Heroes CBS 26.6
10. The NBC Saturday Movie CBS 26.2

1 “CBS Leads Latest Nielsen.” Broadcasting. 13 Feb. 1967: 66-68.

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2 Replies to “Nielsen Top Ten, January 9th-22nd, 1967”

  1. I’ll never forgive CBS for airing Cinderella in 1967. I was 4 years old and was already hooked on Batman…Robin, the boy wonder, was helplessly trapped in the grip of a Giant Clam, I eagerly awaited the episode to see if he would somehow survive, but my sister had to watch Cinderella. I was overruled and being 1967, with only one TV in the house, no recording devices invented, I was screwed. I never got to see the Batman episode……oh the humanity

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