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What’s the status of Decision, an NBC summer replacement series that ran for 13 weeks from July to September 1958. Of those 13 episodes, six were rebroadcasts of previously aired dramas from earlier anthology TV shows. The others were unsold pilots.

The UCLA Film & Television Archive has in its collection the September 21st episode, an unsold pilot called “Man Against Crime” starring Darren McGavin. UCLA also has a copy of “High Air,” which first aired in September 1956 as an installment of Screen Directors Playhouse.

The Paley Center for Media has a copy of “Sudden Silence,” which originally aired on Ford Theatre in 1956.

Read more about Decision in my article Unsold Pilots on Television, 1956-1966.

# Title Airdate Status
1 “The Virginian” 07/06/1958  
With James Drury, Andrew Duggan and Robert Burton.
2 “Fifty Beautiful Girls” 07/13/1958  
With Barbara Bel Geddes. Originally aired on Schlitz Playhouse of Stars in June 1957.
3 “The Danger Game” 07/20/1958  
With Ray Danton.
4 “The Tall Man” 07/27/1958  
With Michael Rennie and William Phipps.
5 “Sudden Silence” 08/03/1958 Paley
With Barbara Stanwyck and Jeff Morrow. Originally aired on Ford Theatre in October 1956.
6 “Indemnity” 08/10/1958  
With Richard Kiley, Chuck Webster and George Chandler.
7 “Stand and Deliver” 08/17/1958  
With Louis Hayward and Richard O’Sullivan.
8 “Night of the Stranger” 08/24/1958  
With Valentina Cortessa and George Sanders. Originally aired on Schlitz Playhouse of Stars in March 1958.
9 “Fear Has Many Faces” 08/31/1958  
With James Whitmore and June Lockhart. Originally aired on Ford Theatre in January 1957.
10 “High Air” 09/18/1956 UCLA
With William Bendix and Dennis Hopper. Originally aired on Screen Directors Playhouse in September 1956.
11 “Markheim” 09/14/1958  
With Ray Millarrd and Rod Steiger. Originally aired on Screen Directors Playhouse in April 1956.
12 “Man Against Crime” 09/21/1958 UCLA
With Darren McGavin.
13 “Man on a Raft” 09/28/1958  
With Diane Brewster and Mark Stevens.

Revised June 2nd, 2016

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