First Man from Atlantis Telefilm Available on DVD

The Warner Archive, which just recently made two of Gene Roddenberry’s 1970s pilot movies available on DVD, now has the first of four pilot movies for NBC’s Man from Atlantis for sale at its website. According to, this came with no advance notice and could potentially mean the other three telefilms and the 13 hour-long episodes will eventually be available as well. This first telefilm, simply titled Man from Atlantis, aired on March 4th, 1977. Patrick Duffy starred as a mysterious man with webbed feet and hands (not to mention gills) who washes up on a beach. He’s given the name Mark Harris and helps a group of scientists combat the evil Mr. Schubert (played by Victor Buono).

Three additional made-for-TV movies aired in April, May and June of 1977. A weekly series premiered in September of 1977 but was soon pulled, with the final episodes airing during the spring of 1978. A lot of people have expressed interest in the series but I’m actually shocked to see this available. It costs $19.95 and will be pressed on a DVD-R just for you (that’s how Warner Archives works, it manufactures DVD-Rs as they’re ordered).

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3 Replies to “First Man from Atlantis Telefilm Available on DVD”

  1. I just rewatched these. In fact, I’m reviewing them at the Republibot website, if anyone’s interested. The quality was…ehm. Well, the transfer was fine, happy to see them and all, but the stories were pretty weak. The first one was the best of the bunch, the middle two were horrible and incoherent, and the fourth one was bascially “Journey to the Island of Beefy, Shirtless Guys,” without too terribly much plot. Just beefcake for the ladies, I guess.

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