No Article Today; Updated Exhibit

I’m afraid there won’t be a new article today. I do hope to be able to finish two articles next month and in December but after that I may have to cut back to just one article a month.

I have added four CBS advertisements to my ABC Promotional Artwork, 1971-1975 as a bonus, because I don’t have enough of these to create an exhibit just for CBS.

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3 Replies to “No Article Today; Updated Exhibit”

  1. I understand, ‘RGJ’. When it comes to writing these articles (and setting them up), you’re virtually a “one-man operation”, and there are other things outside this website that are taking up more of your time right now. I think I speak for most everyone who visits here when I say…as long as you keep contributing these “obscur” insights into TV history, I don’t care HOW long it is inbetween postings!

  2. RGJ what you do is provide a service to all of us that love these obscure little tidbits about TV that most people wouldn’t know or even care about and for that and for this website we are truly greatful. If it weren’t for you alot of these things would be lost to time .

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