Q & A: Can You Identify These Shows, Part 2

I get a lot of e-mails from people asking me about television shows, made-for-TV movies or miniseries they remember from years or decades past. I try to answer each question as best I can but often recollections are hazy at best and thus impossible to identify, despite my best efforts. Hopefully, by posting these questions here at Television Obscurities for everyone to read someone will come up with the answer. Keep reading for today’s unidentified shows.

This week’s questions are fairly recent in the long history of television, but that didn’t help me find the answers.

I remember very well a TV movie which aired on a cable channel–perhaps Nickelodeon–in 1985. It bore an eerily close resemblance to “Back To The Future”, yet in another eerie coincidence, it aired one month *before* BTTF was released to theaters. The central theme of “teenager meets the parents as kids” is there, but the differences are 1) the main character is a girl, and 2) the character goes back in time to 1945, not 1955, and does so though a blow to the head rather than a time machine. She, like Michael J. Fox’s character, has to help her parents meet. The teen girl discovers that her mom was more of a hellion the girl thought possible (also very familiar) and her grandmother was far stricter than the sweet old lady she knows. All I can remember besides that is that the young version of the girl’s mom called herself “CeCe.” I unfortunately don’t know the title of this movie, and it’s been driving me nuts for years, if only because of the timing of it and its resemblance to BTTF. Any help in IDing it would be appreciated.

Help! ABC had a sitcom, late 90’s or early 00’s about 3 guys, brothers (?) who shared an apartment. One was an artist, one (the same one?) was gay and another was a financial whiz of some sort. Do you know the name of the sitcom or can you tell me how I can find it? Thank you so much!

Do either of these sound familiar to anyone?

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7 Replies to “Q & A: Can You Identify These Shows, Part 2”

    1. Steve, were both of these things you had seen before? Or were you able to find the answer based just on the question? I ask because, as always, these two questions were both specific and vague, with nothing substantial enough that I could use.

  1. I immediately thought of My Mother Was Never A Kid as well, but could only recall that it was an ABC After School Special. The 40s time, grandma, blow to the head were all there. I also seem to remember her mom shoplifting in it.

    Why on earth do I remember this!? So many things my brain could have stored instead…

  2. Thanks to both of you. “My Mother Was Never A Kid” was indeed the title. Amazingly, it happens to be on YouTube, and I was able to check it against what I remember. That’s one less hazy TV memory I have to contend with.

  3. I had to look up the series title for Oh Grow Up to be sure, but I knew what I was looking for. For the other one I did a web search along the lines of “girl time travel mother 1945” and got lucky.

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