Man from Atlantis Coming to DVD from Warner Archive

Next week, Warner Archive will be giving NBC’s 1977 drama series Man from Atlantis two collections available on DVD and digital download. The Complete TV Movies Collection will, as the title suggests, collect the four made-for-TV movies that originally aired between March and June of 1977. Similarly, The Complete Television Series will collect the thirteen hour-long episodes that aired between September of 1977 and June of 1978. Both collections are said to be “newly remastered.” The TV movies costs $24.95 while the TV series costs $34.95. Those are pretty good prices considering Warner Archive once offered just the very first made-for-TV movie for $19.95.

Recall that Warner Archive offers manufacture-on-demand DVDs through its online store only. You might be able to find the sets on eBay, and other websites but you won’t find them in stores. And they only ship to United States addresses (so Chinese fans of the series are out of luck). Hopefully this is just the first of many older/obscure television programs to be released through Warner Archive.

(Thanks to Brent S at the Home Theater Forum)

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