Television Obscurities Returns

The hiatus lasted quite a bit longer than I anticipated but after six months Television Obscurities is back. I’m feeling reinvigorated and I’ve spent a little bit of time over the past few weeks tinkering with a few things. Like the new front page, for example. And you’ll notice that there is now a new tab at the top of the page for the blog.

I’ve never been comfortable with the idea of Television Obscurities as a blog. When I switched to WordPress in November 2008, I never intended to be posting on a daily basis. And trying to do so didn’t work out too well. So, Television Obscurities is back to what I’ve always wanted it to be: a website focusing on articles and exhibits that also happens to have a blog. Moving forward, my emphasis will be on updating existing articles and researching/writing new ones. Blog posts may be few and far between, perhaps once a week at best, perhaps less. I really can’t say. I do have a few ideas I’ve been kicking around since before the hiatus for new articles as well as several new ones. I’d also like to revisit some of the exhibits.

Ironically, now that I’m actually interested in writing about obscure television again, I find myself with little free time to devote to the site. But I’ll try to spend at least a few hours each week if I can.

I’d like to thank everyone who continued to visit the site while it was on hiatus. According to my site statistics, Television Obscurities did quite well without any updates, at least until I inadvertently shut the entire site down for two or three days in late May/early June while doing routine maintenance. After that, visits noticeably dropped off. We’ll see if I can turn things around this month. I do plan to try to reply to all the e-mails I was sent over the past six months but it will probably take a week or two.


  • DuMont says:

    Welcome back, RJ. Your website is the best for informative discussion of rare, still-fondly-remembered series.

  • I have a few questions for you:
    Will you expand your focus to include cable shows?

    Will you do a ‘worst Saturday Morning shows of the last 15 years’ article?

    and finally…
    Will you do a ‘Worst TV adaptations of comic book properties’ article?

  • RNar says:

    A regular column isn’t necessary… We’re happy to have you back and doing your thing when you can. Thanks for returning!

  • Neal Lefkowitz says:

    I very much enjoyed your Historic ratings articles- especially for The Partridge Family.
    Will you be doing any more of those?
    And welcome back!

  • Mike Spadoni says:

    Welcome back, RGJ. I know how hard it is to keep up on a website; I’ve done it for 11 years now! But I never get tired of writing about old television–or new TV, for that matter. So it’s nice to see you again. You’ve been missed!

  • Hey RGJ? Did you get the TV Trash Review of Birds of Prey and Nash’s Justice League of America TV Pilot video reviews for the ‘Terrible Comic Book Adaptations’ article idea?

  • Barry I. Grauman says:

    Why doesn’t someone TELL ME about these things????

    Anyway, it’s great to see you posting new articles and “stuff” again, RGJ….

  • Hey Barry! Nice to see you back!


  • There are only a few weeks left to go until the new 2011-2012 season starts, and I am still waiting for the changes being made to CBS’ Cookie Jar TV block! Since 2009, Cookie Jar had been procrastinating when it comes to releasing info on possible changes to their CBS block, often giving them ONLY A SCANT FEW WEEKS BEFORE THE CHANGES TAKE EFFECT, making it frustrating for viewers to find info on the shows airing on the block: It has gotten worse last season 2010-2011, when they were SO BROKE that they had to do an ALL-REPEAT BLOCK. The two seasons of ‘Cookie Jar TV’ so far also has the problem of airing TWO or even THREE episodes of certain shows on the same block!



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