CBS Cancels Made in Jersey After Two Broadcasts

And we have the first new obscurity of the 2012-2013 season: Made in Jersey has been pulled off the air after just two low-rated episodes. Read more about the cancellation at and The Hollywood Reporter.

Last season’s first cancellation, NBC’s The Playboy Club, managed to survive for three episodes. According to the futon critic, two additional episodes were scheduled to air. Exactly how many were produced is unknown.

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2 Replies to “CBS Cancels Made in Jersey After Two Broadcasts”

  1. Last spring when this fall season was announced many commented on CBS putting a scripted show on at 8pm when last season the only success at that time period was reality programs. I am not surprised to see reality program Undercover Boss take the 8pm spot and CSI:NY move back to 9pm.

  2. Why? Becaus there was one lawyer too many on CBS’ schedule….why can’t Les Moonves or Nina Tattler understand that viewers can only watch SO MUCH of one genre before they’re tired of it?

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