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It’s WTIC-TV Week! WTIC-TV signed on in September 1984, the second TV station in Connecticut to use those call letters. It was an independent station until October 1986, when it affiliated with the new Fox Broadcasting Company.

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Here’s a promotional spot from February 1985 for syndicated repeats of Eischeid on WTIC-TV (Channel 61) in Connecticut. The crime drama starred Joe Don Baker and originally aired on NBC from September 1979 to January 1980. WTIC-TV aired Eischied on Saturdays at 8PM from January 12th to April 6th, 1985.

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  1. This was part of a weekly syndicated “package” in the mid-’80s that Colex Enterprises [a joint venture of Columbia Pictures Television and Lexington Broadcast Services] put together on a “barter” basis- meaning, it was given away FREE to local stations, provided that four of the twelve minutes of advertising time per episode were reserved for “national” sponsors [like Beatrice Foods]; the other minutes local stations could sell to their own advertisers, and keep the revenue. WNBC-TV in New York carried this “package” late Saturday nights at 1am, after “SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE”, between 1984 and ’86- in addition to “EISCHIED”, there were other short-lived Screen Gems/Columbia dramas, including “HAWK” (1966)- starring Burt Reynolds, and William Castle’s supernatural anthology “GHOST STORY” (1972), which became “CIRCLE OF FEAR” (1973).

  2. The syndicated version of this series is spelled ‘Eischeid’ in the video, but all other sources I could find say it was spelled ‘Eischied’ during its original run on NBC.

    I remember this show, but don’t remember watching it (because it got slaughtered by ‘Dallas’). Joe Don Baker as the NYC Chief of Detectives seems preposterous, but I’d give it a look if I had access to it. IMDB says Laraine Stephens was in 5 of the 13 episodes. She was married to Exec. Producer David Gerber and appeared in several of his TV series.

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