The Monroes Coming to DVD

One season wonder The Monroes, which aired on ABC during the 1966-1967 season, is coming to DVD next month. According to, Shout! Factory is releasing the Western TV series on September 6th. At least initially it will be a Walmart exclusive. You can pre-order the set at for just $13.37.

DVD cover for The Monroes: The Complete Series
The Monroes: The Complete Series (Courtesy of Shout! Factory/Walmart)

Set in the 1870s, The Monroes followed five orphaned children struggling to run their frontier homestead after their parents drowned while the family was making their way to Wyoming. Michael Anderson Jr., Barbara Hershey, Keith Schultz, Kevin Schultz, and Tammy Loche starred.

The series faced stiff competition from The Beverly Hillbillies on CBS and The Virginian on NBC and was not renewed for a second season. A total of 26 episodes were aired.

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11 Replies to “The Monroes Coming to DVD”

  1. Early episodes had some spectacular scenery as the show was filmed on location in the Grand Tetons. As I dimly recall, that diminished in the later episodes, possibly for budgetary reasons given that unspectacular ratings made renewal increasingly uncertain.

  2. Filming this wonderful show with all of the cast members was one of the best times of my life. Michael, Barbara, Keith and Kevin plus Ron Soble and just everyone treated me like family. I was little Amy Monroe. Rance Howard was my acting coach, what better perk could you have than that!! As I look at the complete cast list from every episode alot of great legendary actors were on my show. This is the 50th year re-union of this show and would you believe no production companies has ever gotten the cast together to film a reunion. Hopefully they will soon. Sadly we lost Ron but his wife Elynor is so excited that it’s coming out!! Everyone else of the cast is still alive and kicking!! Thank you who ever put this in DVD for sale!!! All my love Tammy Locke aka Amy Monroe

      1. Absolutely have enjoyed watching the DVDs. Not to many family shows out today where you and your family can sit together and watch without sex, drugs, immorality and crime, wish there were MANY more like The Monroes.. Thanks! Sharon Courtney

    1. Liam Sullivan was a very good friend; looking forward to getting the dvd once it is available outside Walmart as there are none where I live.

    2. We just finished watching this series as a family. I had never heard of it just happened upon it at Walmart. We have LOVED it!! My kids (& myself) are all sad there’s not more!

    3. As a child my older sister and I LOVED this show. We watched it every time it was on and were so disappointed when it was cancelled. In fact, we loved it so much we played “The Monroes” as children with our cousins! This brings back great childhood memories.

  3. It was a show, like many shows, that starts out very interesting but towards the end they were grasping for ideas and storylines. Thus was the fate of many westerns even if they did have a youthful cast no kids flocked to see it. It is a lesson it is not the youth it is the show itself and how it is written and produced that people watch. Interesting scenery but uninteresting characters and writing.

  4. I loved watching The Monroe’s, especially the episode with Buck Taylor. My favorite regular was Ben Johnson.

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