The CW Gives Closure to Frequency and No Tomorrow

Last fall, The CW introduced two new dramas: Frequency and No Tomorrow. They each aired for 13 episodes between October 2016 and January 2017. The network officially cancelled the shows last week. Both ended with cliffhangers, leaving fans without answers.

The CW is now providing closure in the form of a standalone epilogue for Frequency and an alternate series finale for No Tomorrow.

Here’s the Frequency epilogue:

If the embedded video doesn’t play, watch the epilogue at The CW’s website. It features a final conversation between Raimy Sullivan (played by Peyton List) and her father Frank Sullivan (played Riley Smith).

The alternate series finale of No Tomorrow doesn’t include any new scenes. There are blocks of text describing what happens to various characters. You can watch it here.

Any Other Epilogues?

Occasionally, creators or producers will release details of how they intended an additional season to unfold or a series to end. The creators of John Doe (FOX, 2002-2003), which ended with a cliffhanger, gave Entertainment Weekly some answers in October 2004. Kevin Falls, creator of Journeyman (NBC, 2007), offered Ain’t It Cool News some insight in August 2008.

Many shows end on cliffhangers but true alternate endings are uncommon. Recent examples include The WB’s Everwood in 2006 and NBC’s American Dreams in 2005. Going further back, I believe NBC’s Quantum Leap filmed a slightly different ending in 1993.

Off the top of my head, I can think of only two other TV shows allowed to produce additional material. The cast and crew of October Road (ABC, 2007-2008) gathered to produce an epilogue titled “Don’t Look Back: An Epilogue for an Epic Love” for the Season 2 DVD set, released in May 2009.

ABC’s Lost famously released an epilogue titled “The New Man in Charge” in August 2010, months after the heavily serialized drama aired its series finale. The 12-minute epilogue leaked online prior to the release of the Season 6 and complete series DVD sets. Unlike October Road, the Lost epilogue isn’t intended to provide answers, just more questions.

(via TVLine)

If you’re a fan of Frequency or No Tomorrow, are you happy to have some closure? Is this something you hope becomes more common? Are there other examples of TV shows with epilogues that I’ve missed? Hit the comments with your thoughts.

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  1. I think it was done with the idea of DVD and streaming sales. People don’t like shows that are just left hanging. This way they could release the episodes as a full series. This also seems to be why, in most cases, networks aren’t just dropping shows after a few episodes anymore.

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