6 Short-Lived Network TV Shows from 2017 You’ve Already Forgotten

We’re three days into 2018, which means memories of 2017 are starting to fade. That includes memories of short-lived network television shows. Expect my comprehensive recap of new obscurities from last year sometime next week. Until then, enjoy this brief look at six network TV shows from 2017 you’ve likely forgotten about. How many do you miss?

Emerald City (NBC)

Premiered: January 6th
Episodes: 10

Remember back in 2014 when NBC cancelled this retelling of The Wonderful World of Oz before production started? I’m guessing the network wishes it hadn’t changed its mind and revived the series. Unlike the other shows on this list, Emerald City is available on DVD (and Blu-ray).

Powerless (NBC)

Premiered: February 2nd
Episodes: 10 12 (3 unaired)

NBC never aired three episodes of this quirky sitcom set in the DC Comics universe. But DC Comics temporarily offered one of those unseen episodes on YouTube because it guest-starred Adam West and the company wanted to pay tribute to the actor following his death on June 9th. If I recall correctly, NBC aired many episodes out of order, making it confusing to keep track of story lines.

Making History (FOX)

Premiered: March 5th
Episodes: 9

Sadly, there are no unaired episodes of Making History. I say that because it’s a hilarious show. Even before it debuted to low ratings, I knew it never had a chance, so I cherished every episode. So, of course I wish there were a few more FOX never aired.

Imaginary Mary (ABC)

Premiered: March 29th
Episodes: 9

Poor Jenna Elfman can’t catch a break. By my count, Imaginary Mary is her fifth failed sitcom in a row after Courting Alex (CBS, 2006), Accidentally on Purpose (CBS, 2009-2010), 1600 Penn (NBC, 2012-2013), and Growing Up Fisher (NBC, 2014). But did anyone other than a few powerful ABC executives think this concept would prove popular with viewers? Maybe the promos I saw didn’t do the series justice.

Downward Dog (ABC)

Premiered: May 17th
Episodes: 8

With the exception of Mr. Ed, sitcoms about talking animals, talking babies, or talking cars tend not to last long. I’m almost positive my mother loved Downward Dog. She’s the only person I know who watched it.

Me, Myself & I (CBS)

Premiered: September 25th
Episodes: 13 (7 unaired)

We’re not quite in “blink and you missed it” territory with Me, Myself & I, but we’re close. The sitcom survived more than a month before CBS yanked it off the air. It seems viewers are not interested in exploring the life of a man in the past, present, and future. CBS, of course, refuses to call Me, Myself & I cancelled. Will the network burn off the remaining episodes at some point later this season? For the sake of the show’s few fans, I hope so.

Do you remember any or all of these short-lived network shows? Which do you miss the most? Sound off in the comments. And remember, next week I’ll be publishing my comprehensive review of new obscure TV shows from 2017.

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11 Replies to “6 Short-Lived Network TV Shows from 2017 You’ve Already Forgotten”

  1. I never watched any of the shows, but my nephew and his wife loved Downward Dog and recorded several episodes.

  2. Back in December there was a single episode of a show called Encore! It appeared to be a burn-off of a cancelled pilot and was aired as a special. Ratings for the show weren’t very strong so I doubt there will be any more episodes.

      1. I watched it and it looked very much like a pilot but they aired it as a special. It was only an hour long and had a similar feel to it as Who Do You Think You Are? It’s likely they were treating it as a pilot but didn’t want to make the commitment. But I do recall reading that they were considering doing more had the episode done well.

  3. Powerless had 12 episodes. The last three appear to have been aired outside the US or at least online.

  4. I remember seeing some promos for “Me, Myself and I” and paid attention only because the main star (Bobby Moynihan) was a former Saturday Night Live cast member—this was his first show after leaving SNL. I’m thinking if it had been promoted the way it was in this long trailer, maybe more people would have watched it—just a guess, though.

  5. The Mayor was a really funny satirical show which should have lasted another season—never understood why it was canceled. However, the star of The Mayor—the handsome and charismatic Michael Hall, went on to be the lead in the currently popular (and really good) CBS show God Friended Me, which is now in its second season.

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