Nielsen Bottom 10, February 19th-25th, 1973

Week 24 of the 1972-1973 season started on Monday, February 19th, 1973 and ended on Sunday, February 25th, 1973. The highest-rated program was All in the Family on CBS with a 31.2/54 Nielsen rating/share. Here are the 10 lowest-rated programs:

## Program Network Rating
55 NBC Tuesday Movie (“Fool’s Paradise”) NBC 14.1/22
56 Search NBC 13.0/24
57 CBS Friday Movie (“Wait Until Dark”) CBS 13.0/23
58 60 Minutes CBS 12.9/26
59 Mission: Impossible CBS 11.3/19
60 Bobby Darin NBC 11.0/20
61 Touch of Grace ABC 10.6/17
62 Julie Andrews ABC   8.1/14
63 The Men ABC   7.4/14
64 Here We Go Again ABC   5.8/  9

“Bunkers and Sanfords Top Nielsens.” Los Angeles Times. 7 Mar. 1973: F18.

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4 Replies to “Nielsen Bottom 10, February 19th-25th, 1973”

  1. Sad to see so few viewers watched the movie Wait Until Dark with Audrey Hepburn. The game of cat and mouse between Hepburn and Alan Arkin was intense and includes one really big scare. Hopefully the viewers stayed until the movies end.

    1. Don’t forget that when movies made it to broadcast TV they were about five years old (Wait Until Dark was made in 1967) and many would have already seem them in the theater. The Bond movies often seem to play the best on TV since they were very re-watchable. And since it’s a Friday movie, many movie fans would be at the theater watching the latest releases. Of course it did get a 13 share so it didn’t fare that badly, it’s just that other shows did better.

      1. It was about two years in those days between a movie’s theatrical release and its first television showing. It was shown in Canada on CBC as early as 1970–probably the same in the U.S.

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