Kickstarter Campaign to Bring Blondie (1957) to Blu-ray Underway

A crowdfunding campaign to bring the 1957 NBC sitcom Blondie to Blu-ray has raised roughly $3,600 of its $20,000 goal with ten days left to go. ClassicFlix launched the Kickstarter campaign on June 20th. It ends on July 11th. So far, 61 backers have pledged $3,636.

If the campaign meets its $20,000 goal, ClassicFlix will release Blondie on Blu-ray with a tentative ship date is October. The set will include an interview with Stuffy Singer as a bonus feature. Backers who pledge $30 or more will receive the Blu-ray set; backers who pledge $40 or more will receive the Blu-ray set signed by Stuffy Singer. Two other pledge tiers offer potential backers the opportunity to acquire other titles released by ClassicFlix. If the campaign raises $25,000 dollars or more, ClassicFlix will try to include original cast commercials.

In a post at the Home Theater Forum, ClassicFlix founder David Kawas explained what will happen if the Kickstarter campaign is unsuccessful:

To clarify further, we’re scanning them in HD as we speak. Whether or not the title will be released on Blu however, depends if this campaign is successful. We’ll still release it on DVD if the campaign is not successful, but it seems a shame to do so.

Also, bonus features may or may not be part of that release, and clean up will be minimal. Pre-book price won’t necessarily be less expensive either as $30 for this blu set, delivered is a good deal as a stand-alone DVD release will likely retail for $35 – $40.

If you’re a huge Blondie fan or just want to show your support for an obscure sitcom from the 1950s, pledge your support today.

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  1. I don’t know if the show is airing anywhere. If it was airing it would help it. Right now it’s practically a forgotten show.

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