New Website Lists Schedules for Classic TV Networks

A new website called Rewind Channels has launched with a simple goal: to provide TV viewers with a master schedule showing what’s on digital specialty networks like MeTV and Antenna TV that specialize in classic TV or nostalgia programming. It currently tracks a total of 18 networks, including getTV, Buzzr, Laff, Comet, This TV, and Retro TV.

Screen shot of the Rewind Channels website
The Rewind Channels master schedule
Photo Credit: Rewind Schedules

In addition to the master weekday schedule (plus separate schedules for Saturday and Sunday), there’s also an Updates section with information on schedule changes and special programming blocks like the Decades weekend binge.

If you’re like me, keeping track of scheduling changes on multiple classic TV diginet networks is all but impossible. Thankfully, somebody else is now doing the hard work. So be sure to check out Rewind Schedules and see what’s on TV.

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One Reply to “New Website Lists Schedules for Classic TV Networks”

  1. I wish I got all these channels, although I probably wouldn’t have the time to watch them. It reminds me of all the stuff that use to be aired in the afternoons before cartoons and kids blocks filled up the time. That’s how I use to watch most classic shows.

    I’ve been using online guides through NextPVR. It’s a little tricky setting up at first, but once it’s set up it only needs to be updated by running a batch program every week or two and updating it in NextPVR.

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