Nielsen Bottom 5, October 29th-November 4th, 1979

Week 7 of the 1979-1980 season began on Monday, October 29th, 1979 and ended on Sunday, November 4th, 1979. The highest-rated program was the movie Jaws on ABC with a 39.0 Nielsen rating.

Here are the five lowest-rated programs:

## Program Network Rating
62 CBS Reports: Teddy CBS N/A
63 CBS Reports: The Baby Makers CBS N/A
64 Detective School ABC N/A
65 Football Overrun (Sunday) CBS N/A
66 MacArthur (Part II) NBC N/A

The CBS Reports documentary “The Baby Makers” aired from 8-9PM ET on Tuesday, October 30th. The documentary “Teddy” aired from 10-11PM ET on Sunday, November 4th.

NBC aired the second half of the 1977 movie MacArthur, starring Gregory Peck, from 9-11PM ET on Sunday, November 4th opposite Jaws on ABC.


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2 Replies to “Nielsen Bottom 5, October 29th-November 4th, 1979”

  1. Teddy was of course a profile of Jack and Bobby’s brother as he prepared to challenge Jimmy Carter for the Democratic nomination!

    1. And that was the famous interview where Ted Kennedy supposedly “put his foot in his mouth”, costing him the 1980 Democratic Presidential nomination and maybe the election as well.

      The interviewer was Roger Mudd, who would leave CBS a few months later (after Dan Rather, and not Mudd, was named the successor to Walter Cronkite on the “Evening News”). Shortly afterwards, Mudd joined NBC.

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