1975 Movie Version of Star Trek’s “The Menagerie” Hosted by Leonard Nimoy Resurfaces

Earlier this year, self-described digital archaeologist Rob O’Hara stumbled upon a VHS tape containing a movie-length version of “The Menagerie,” a two-part episode of Star Trek that originally aired in November 1966 on NBC. The recording is from KAUT (Channel 43) in Oklahoma City. Based on several commercials, O’Hara dates the recording to February 1983. At the beginning of the recording, an announcer briefly promotes “a very unusual presentation of the first feature-length production of Star Trek, ‘The Menagerie,’ with special guest host Leonard Nimoy.”

Leonard Nimoy, who appeared in the original, unaired pilot episode for Star Trek that was reused in “The Menagerie,” hosts the special. O’Hara uploaded the segments featuring Nimoy to YouTube. I’ve embedded the video below:

Does anyone remember watching this special movie-length version of “The Menagerie” on television back in 1975?

(via TrekMovie)

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One Reply to “1975 Movie Version of Star Trek’s “The Menagerie” Hosted by Leonard Nimoy Resurfaces”

  1. I seem to recall it being a big deal at the time when they aired the movie version, and I do recall seeing the movie version, but I can’t recall if I saw that specific airing.

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