How Many People Are Watching MeTV?

Me-TV, now available in 89% of the country, signed an agreement in January to be rated nationally by Nielsen starting this spring. I never imagined any ratings figures would ever be made public but I was wrong. Media Life Magazine publishes a weekly chart of Nielsen ratings for broadcast network (as well as for cable and syndication). Beginning with the chart for the week of April 1-7, Me-TV and fellow digital specialty network Bounce TV were added to the list of networks for which Nielsen ratings are provided.

Here’s the full chart showing just the Nielsen household rating and share:

Ranked on Households
Week Ending April 7

CBS: 7.0/11
ABC: 4.4/7
NBC: 3.3/5
FOX: 3.2/5
UNI: 1.9/3
ION: 0.8/1
TEL: 0.7/1
CW: 0.7/1
UMA: 0.3/0
METV: 0.2/0
ETV: 0.1/0
BOUNCE: 0.1/0
AZA: 0.1/0
MFX: 0.0/0

(Most of the acronyms are self-explanatory, but several are for Spanish-language networks: UMA is UniMas, ETV is Estrella TV, AZA is Azteca America and MFX is MundoFox.)

Me-TV’s 0.2 rating translated into approximately 280,000 households, 340,000 viewers and 70,000 adults age 18-49. That pales in comparison to the 7.9 million households and 11.2 million viewers for CBS but it isn’t that bad considering The CW drew 820,000 households and 1,120,000 viewers (and was actually beaten that week by ION Television). The high point for Me-TV thus far was the week of April 22-28 when it averaged a 0.3 rating, 290,000 households, 370,000 viewers and 80,000 adults 18-49.

Be sure to check back on Monday when I start a week-long look at classic television digital specialty networks like Me-TV, Cozi TV and Antenna TV.

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17 Replies to “How Many People Are Watching MeTV?”

  1. …and I thought NBC would be at the BOTTOM of that list! ME-TV is doing quite well…and the broadcast networks would do well to pay close attention to them!

  2. Theres 1.7 million people in the usa that go to bed hungery ! As of sept 2016! Many of those people have NO cable! Stations all across the country realize !!! If I can’t get them on cable we will get them on over the air free tv! So they make only say 5 % of their yearly income ! But its income !.As many more get rid of cable that figure will increase! Its nice to know if you cable or satellite goes down all you need is a cheap antenna to pick up local channels! I have cable and a antenna I bought from the internet! I live in a valley 20 miles from Pittsburgh! I I get 30 channels over the air! If you buy an antenna you almost always should make sure it has a BUILT in amplifier ! 70 at antenna connections!

      1. I liked it well too! They don’t seem to ever want to mix up the program line- ups. Just the same shows I’ve been watching since I was in grade school in the early ’60’s. I am now 68y/o. same shows all day every day.

    1. That show was good due to the pairing of Robert Conrad and Ross Martin and wish they would put that on instead of Monk on Sunday nights.

  3. Bravo ,…Bravo …APPLAUSE …APPLAUSE…To whom or those involved for FINALLY brodcasting the GREATEST show of my Youth …and today the GREATEST show on TV ….KOLCHAK …THE NIGHT STALKER ….

    1. thats for sure! i guess if your home during the day they dont care what they put on , u miss the old lineup . im really surprised me tv did so well

  4. I try to watch because I like the shows But I get the worse show Everytime because the picture Blink’s in and out constantly.Can not find out how to get in touch with the local station in Little Rock Arkansas to file a complaint. I wish it could be resolved because I pay for the use of the station thru my sataelite bill.Prompt response requested Thank you

    1. search it on the internet if you have it
      KMYA MeTV Little Rock
      3.25 Google reviews
      Television station in Little Rock, Arkansas
      Address: 1 Shackleford Dr, Little Rock, AR 72211
      Hours: Closed ⋅ Opens 8AM Tue

      Phone: (888) 985-5692

  5. Thanks for letting me know such audience I have thats watching me thru my device and thru the TV in the location iam in techoblogy is great and perfect me Willie Renaldo fleming from chicago IL 35 the young black trilliionaire I know people are following me why I reached out to the law I thank you all and soon will be fine as iam still learning but life is to short for someone to try kill you over something that is yours period greed Mr willie fleming the homeless trilliionaire soon to be in the lime light

  6. How do the pollsters know how many people like me are watching MeTV on an antenna? I’ll bet there are millions.

  7. U Need to Bring Back METV2 with all this going on in the world having the cartoons in the morning dealing with reality nine to five words 3:00 to 11:00 and then watching MeTV to in evening with all the great program you had why did you take it off. Big mistake cuz you had a very big following I know that for a fact. So program managers, CEO, you need to do what you need to do bring back me TV too believe me your ratings and your ad revenues will go through the roof plus you’ll be bringing a lot from 18 to 60 a lot of Joy during a really crucial critical time here in the United States for sure. Thanks take heed listen to what I’m saying take it from me MeTV veteran viewer—!!!

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