WTXX in Connecticut Offers Classic Sitcom Marathon

For fans of classic sitcoms living in Connecticut, WTXX-TV Channel 20 (The CW) will be broadcasting an eight-hour marathon of Christmas episodes tomorrow from 11AM to 7PM EST. Although by no means can any of these shows be considered obscure, it is certainly rare in this day and age to see many of them shown by a broadcast network affiliate.

A promotional spot shown this evening called the marathon a gift to viewers. It certainly is a gift to people who would prefer The Honeymooners or Happy Days over repeats of That ’70s Show or George Lopez (both programs WTXX usually shows on Saturday afternoons).

Here’s the schedule for the Christmas marathon:

11:00AM The Fresh Prince of Bel-air – “Deck the Halls”
11:30AM The Fresh Prince of Bel-air – “Christmas Show”
12:00PM The Andy Griffith Show – “Christmas Story”
12:30PM Petticoat Junction – “The Santa Claus Special”
1:00PM Beverly Hillbillies – “The Christmas Present”
1:30PM Beverly Hillbillies – “Christmas in Hooterville”
2:00PM The Lucy Show – “Together for Christmas”
2:30PM The Honeymooners – “‘Twas the Night Before Christmas”
3:00PM The Odd Couple – “Scrooge Gets an Oscar”
3:30PM Laverne & Shirley – “Oh, Come All Ye Bums”
4:00PM Family Affair – “Christmas Came a Little Early”
4:30PM Happy Days – “Guess Who’s Coming to Christmas”
5:00PM Happy Days – “Christmas Time”
5:30PM The Brady Bunch – “The Voice of Christmas”
6:00PM Mork & Mindy – “Mork’s First Christmas”
6:30PM Family Ties – “A Keaton Christmas Carol”

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