New Article: Meet Millie

This latest article is a very special one. Not only is it the 55th article here at Television Obscurities, it’s also the first article not to be written by me. For many years I’ve wanted to be able to offer other writers the chance to present their own articles about obscure television and today I’m proud to be able to publish Cary O’Dell’s wonderful look at Meet Millie:

The title character in Meet Millie, a CBS sitcom that aired from 1952 to 1956, was a young woman named Millie Bronson (played by Elena Verdugo). In many ways, Millie made Mary Richards possible. Ironic, then, that so many television histories pinpoint Mary Tyler Moore’s spunky 1970s heroine as television’s very first “independent career gal” when, in actuality, Ms. Bronson was, long before Mary decamped for Minneapolis, a young single working woman, anxious to take on the world.

Cary has done a fantastic job and I’d like to thank him for offering me the chance to include his article here at Television Obscurities. I still plan to have my own article on The Strange Case of “Selena Mead” online before the end of January (plus a new exhibit). And I’m going to extend the voting for the next article until the end of the month. The winner will be the first of two articles I’ll be writing for February.

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