All Articles Now Open to Comments

When I first started integrating WordPress into Television Obscurities, my hope was to eventually be able to use WordPress as a content management system (or CMS). Until recently, I still had the bulk of the site, including all the articles outside of WordPress. Now, however, the entire site is routed through WordPress. All the exhibits, all the articles, everything. That means one sidebar for the entire site, so now every visitor sees the exact same thing.

Comments are now open on all my articles. I’ve implemented some measures to combat spam and I’m hopeful that any that slips through will be quickly caught and dealt with. I’ve also added a second batch of ads on the sidebar below the search box. I’m thinking about adding a list of recently published articles, perhaps above the list of recent posts, and I might move the search box to the very top, above the generic ad.

If you find any broken links, missing images or videos that aren’t working, please let me know. I’m sure I missed a few things.

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