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Originally I planned to write my second article for March about CBS and its decision not to broadcast Psycho in September 1966. Instead, I found myself drawn into the controversy surrounding ABC’s The Mike Wallace Interview, a half-hour series that aired from April of 1957 to September of 1958. Sometime last year I was sent a link to the Harry Ransom Center’s website where more than sixty episodes of The Mike Wallace Interview are available for viewing. I promptly filed the URL away and forgot about it.

Early this week I was looking through my bookmarks and found the Ransom Center’s website again. Wanting to be able to give a little history about the show rather than just linking to the Ransom Center, I started doing a little research about the show. The more I read about it the more interested I became. The Mike Wallace Interview isn’t a popular obscurity by any stretch of the imagination. But thanks to the Ransom Center’s efforts, it is readily accessible, which is more than can be said for many of the shows I’ve written about.

My article about The Mike Wallace Interview is a bit on the lengthy side but I think it is an interesting read. Here’s the description:

Mike Wallace, after spending years working in radio and television, began an interview series call The Mike Wallace Interview in April 1957 on ABC. Controversial nearly from the start, it drew lawsuits, network retractions, charges of censorship and more, all in the span of 15 months. One broadcast was cancelled at the last minute by the network. Wallace was direct and occasionally confrontational and there were those who wouldn’t even consider appearing on his show, fearful of what he would ask. That didn’t keep him from interviewing senators, authors, actresses, politicians and a Klansman.

I’ve watched a few episodes of the show and I’ll write about my reactions tomorrow. I’m also working on a status guide for both The Mike Wallace Interview and Wallace’s earlier series, Night Beat. Look for those early next week. Be sure to check out the Ransom Center’s website for more information and take the time to watch an episode or two. I really enjoyed the Diana Dors interview.

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