DVD Tuesday: Star Trek on Blu-ray, Mission Impossible

One certainly can’t consider Star Trek an obscure television show. The same goes for Mission: Impossible and The Waltons. But all three have DVD releases today: The Waltons – The Complete Ninth Season, Mission Impossible: The Sixth TV Season and the first season of Star Trek on Blu-ray.

The first season of Star Trek has already been released several times. First as individual episodes, two per set, followed by a full season set, then an HD-DVD/DVD combo with the recent remastered episodes. Now it’s available on Blu-ray. I haven’t yet invested in Blu-ray but I have seen captures from the Blu-ray release. They look incredible. Check out DVD Beaver’s review of Season One on Blu-ray.

Still, as impressive as Star Trek looks on Blu-ray, it’s a little frustrating to see one television show get issued time and time again — even if it is Star Trek — while dozens of obscure programs have never been commercially released. The market for the Star Trek franchise is huge. The same can’t be said for shows like The New People or The Good Guys.

In between are shows like The Girl from U.N.C.L.E. and The Life and Times of Grizzly Adams. They have some name recognition but is it enough to warrant the cost of a DVD release? There are a lot of people who would welcome even a “bare bones” release with no extras or bonus features, let alone a remastered Blu-ray extravaganza.

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