W2XBS Schedule, Week of March 10th, 1940

Here’s the schedule for NBC’s experimental station W2XBS in New York City for the week beginning Sunday, March 10th, 1940. Of interest to me is the “modern dress” version of Julius Caesar broadcast on Friday, March 15th and really everything shown on Saturday, March 16th.

The St. Patrick’s Day Parade on Fifth Avenue would be neat to watch, just to see the size of the parade, and I’d like to know more about “Minute Mysteries” with Roy Post, apparently part of a variety show.

Sunday, March 10th, 1940
3:30-4:40: Film, “The Glory Trail,” with Tom Keene.
8:00-9:00: Metropolitan Opera Fund Concert, by members of the company. Edward Johnson, general manager of the “Met,” master of ceremonies.

Wednesday, March 13th, 1940
3:30-4:40: Film, “Cheating Blondes,” with the late Thelma Todd.
6:45-7:00: News–Lowell Thomas.
8:00-8:15: Fashion show.
8:15-11:15: Basketball: semi-finals of the national intercollegiate invitation tournament, at Madison Square Garden.

Thursday, March 14th, 1940
3:30-4:40: Film, “Wolves of the Underworld,” with Godfrey Tearle.
6:45-7:00: News–Lowell Thomas.
8:45-10:45: Hockey: Boston Bruins vs. New York Rangers, at Madison Square Garden.

Friday, March 15th, 1940
3:30-4:40: Film Travelogue, “Yellow Cruise.”
6:45-7:00: News–Lowell Thomas.
8:30-9:30: Play, “Julius Caesar,” in modern dress, with Stephen Courtleigh, Patrick Ludlow, Muriel hutchinson, Douglas Gilmore and Evelyn Allen.

Saturday, March 16th, 1940
2:30-4:00: St. Patrick’s Day Parade on Fifth Avenue.
7:30-8:00: “Art For Your Sake,” Dr. Bernard Myers.
8:30-9:30: Variety, with Roy Post and “Minute Mysteries,” an audience-participation game; Winifred Osborn on “Bridge Made Easy,” the Chocolate Eclairs, Harmony Team, and others.

“Telepictures in Review.” New York Times. 10 Mar. 1940: 161.

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2 Replies to “W2XBS Schedule, Week of March 10th, 1940”

  1. The National Invitation Tournament, correct. An article in The New York Times from the same day as the above schedule talks about the 1940 tournament (the third annual) and mentions that the final match would take place on Friday. Obviously, it was not broadcast on W2XBS.

    For the record, Colorado beat Duquesne 51 to 40.

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