Can You Identify These Announcers?

The Television Production Music Museum is attempting to identify the announcers for six television shows, including four Warner Brothers productions from the late 1950s/early 1960s: 77 Sunset Strip (1958-1964), The Roaring 20’s (1960-1962), Cheyenne (1955-1963) and Bourbon Street Beat (1959-1960). This isn’t something I was able to help with but I’m hoping somebody out there reading this may be able to help.

You can listen to audio files from the shows in question at the Museum’s website. The announcer can be heard listing the cast during the opening credits/opening theme song and occasionally promoting a sponsor’s products. Even production material from the Warner Bros. Archives at the University of Southern California couldn’t help uncover the identities of these mystery announcers. If you recognize any of the announcers please contact the Television Production Music Museum at the e-mail address found here.

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16 Replies to “Can You Identify These Announcers?”

  1. I’ve heard the excerpts from the soundtracks- and I can’t identify ONE of them. Warner Bros. was good at using “generic” announcers in its openings, sponsor I.D.’s, bumpers {“Now, back to- ‘MAVERICK’!”}, and occasional closings during the ’50s and early ’60s….I wish I could be of more help!

  2. I would swear that 77 Sunset Strip announcer is Art Gilmore but the accent is a little off. Also could be Hal Gibney but… don’t know… Have been wondering for a while.

    1. IMHO…
      Ed Reimers did Sunset Strip, Maverick and Cheyenne. I think Hawaiian Eye was Dick Tufeld…
      Tufeld and Dick Wesson could sound an awful lot alike, but i think it was Tufeld on Eye. Still trying to determine who did Surfside 6…The stand alone WB intro I cant identify, as Barry said..the voice is very generic, but im pretty sure Reimers AND Tufeld both did versions of the WB logo intro.Its too bad these things arent documented, as im sure “soewhere” there are contracts regarding their employment..but where? Wb archives?

  3. I’m wondering too. The 77 announcer also did Cheyenne. Dick Tufeld did Hawaiian Eye and Surfside 6.
    I would love to know the 77 announcer. This has haunted me for 50 years!

  4. I’m fairly sure, just based on earballing it, that the announcer on 77 Sunset Strip is Ed Reimers, perhaps best known for his long-running series of ads for Allstate Insurance (“You’re in good hands with Allstate”).

    1. Reimers was also the guy who narrated the Robert Culp Western series Trackdown, which airs Saturday mornings on Me-TV. My roommate thought that the Trackdown narrator was William Conrad, but no, you don’t mistake Conrad’s voice. And I don’t think Art Gilmore is the 77 Sunset Strip guy, having heard Gilmore on Highway Patrol and The New Breed it sure doesn’t sound like him.

    2. Yes its Ed Reimers on Sunset Strip and Cheyenne , possibly MAverick as well It sounds like Dick Wesson at times on Hawaiian Eye, and then it swtiches off to Duck Tufeld on produced by Warner Bros…… I am sure its either MR. Wesson or MR. Tufeld on Hawaiian Eye..

  5. I can confirm Ed Reimers. This is direct from folks who worked the WB lot back in the day. I chased this down with the help of some friends in the industry–I just love the 77 read!

  6. Incidentally, on the female vocal solo -(End Credits) Surfside 6 , the singer is Marilyn King of the King Sisters…Marilyn worked part time for the group of singers that did a lot of the WB openings and closings The Randy Van Horne Singers…

  7. Usually I run across these discussions and they’re 10+ years old. lol Thinking I’m the only one who currently has such nostalgic inquiry. As an old time tv and movie buff, I’m always curious about the faces and voices that are lost to obscurity. In this case it was the voice of the WB announcer for the Maverick tv series. (and “Cheyenne”) At 62 it sounded familiar, but I just couldn’t place it. I can now verify that it is none other than Ed Reimers. The reason for the familiarity? Ed Reimers was the longtime spokesman for Allstate Ins.

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