DVD Tuesday: Sergeant Preston of the Yukon

After last week’s stellar line-up of classic television releases, today finds only one new season set, from Falcon Picture Group. The second season of Sergeant Preston of the Yukon includes all 23 episodes from the 1956-1957 season, in color and uncut. The complete first season was released this past March.

All three seasons of Sergeant Preston of the Yukon have already been released on DVD by Critic’s Choice but those sets are out of print.

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2 Replies to “DVD Tuesday: Sergeant Preston of the Yukon”

  1. The series was originally telecast in black & white on CBS during its original run (1955-’58); most of the color prints weren’t seen until they were rebroadcast on NBC’s Saturday daytime schedule in the 1963-’64 season. When the series was finally syndicated, all of the color prints were made available.

  2. Barry let’s not forget this was first and foremost a radio show from Detroit WXYZ it was done by the same team that did THE LONE RANGER and THE GREEN HORNET

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