Hey, Landlord! Fall Preview

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Here’s NBC’s fall preview for its new sitcom Hey, Landlord!, which premiered in September 1966 and was off the air after a single season. Will Hutchins starred as Woody Banner, who inherits an apartment building in Manhattan from his uncle and soon finds himself over his head as landlord. Sandy Baron co-starred as Chuck Hookstratten, a wannabe comedian and Woody’s roommate.

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6 Replies to “Hey, Landlord! Fall Preview”

  1. Garry Marshall admitted a few years ago that he and his partner Jerry Belson (as the creators, head writers and producers of the series) “weren’t ready” to handle a sitcom of their own in the fall of 1966. They had recently “graduated” from “THE DICK VAN DYKE SHOW”, and “HEY, LANDLORD!” was a BIG step up for them. Some things worked: “Everybody wanted to write for Michael Constantine [“Jack Ellenhorn”]”, Garry recalled, because his character was the funniest of all the supporting cast members. You can see the “give and take” that “Woody” and “Chuck” had that blossomed for “Felix” and “Oscar” years later on “THE ODD COUPLE”, and, of course, “LAVERNE & SHIRLEY”. This was a funny series…but it was the wrong time to develop a series like this…indeed, “try it now”, and it WOULD click!

  2. Did this Burns and Schreiber spot run on the network once as part of a preview broadcast show, as spots broadcast during the weeks before the show ran, or is this from a recording that was given to advertisers to preview, or …?

  3. I remember in the 70s a local station in Philadelphia, pa used to rerun this on weekday afternoons along with reruns of the show “MY MOTHER THE CAR”.

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