More Than Five Hours of Audio and Video

A few weeks ago I uploaded my 350th audio/video file to Television Obscurities. Of that number, 330 are videos and just 20 are audio files. They add up to 1.23 GB and run more than 5 hours in length. The longest single video is about 7.4 minutes; the shortest is just four seconds long. I have not actually computed the average length but I would guess that a large number of the videos are 30 or 60 seconds long.

Does anyone have a favorite video? Perhaps a promotional spot or a clip from a certain television show?

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One Reply to “More Than Five Hours of Audio and Video”

  1. I enjoy you website and it brings me back to my childhood. I have an interest in 1960’s TV shows sepcifically all the military drams of the era. Combat, 12 O’ Clock High, etc. Would love to see what you could do with tis theme


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