New Article: Save Our Show Campaigns Prior to Star Trek

Here’s my latest article, Save Our Show Campaigns Prior to Star Trek. It discusses nine television shows that inspired “save our show” campaigns between 1951 and 1965. I’m quite pleased with the way this article turned out. I learned a lot researching it and I hope it will be of interest to a lot of people. So take a few minutes to read it when you have a chance. Here’s the summary:

Everyone knows how Star Trek was saved from cancellation by fan letters. The very first example of viewers successfully staging a “save our show” campaign may have taken place in 1951 when a CBS children’s show was returned to the airwaves months after being cancelled due to angry viewers. Read all about several examples of successful and not-so-successful campaigns to save such shows as Mister Peepers, It’s a Man’s World, East Side/West Side and more.

How many people have written an actual letter to a network in support of a television show? These days e-mail is just too easy to be as meaningful.