CBS Will Air Fall Preview Special on September 2nd

NBC has already made its 2009 Fall Preview available online and will reportedly broadcast it at a later date. Now CBS has announced that it will air its 2009 Fall Preview on Wednesday, September 2nd from 8:30-9PM. According to the network’s official press release (available at the futon critic), the special will be hosted by the cast of How I Met Your Mother. Furthermore, apparently, “this CBS fall preview offering has been an annual tradition since 2004.” It will also be available through various On Demand services and CBS-affiliated stations and/or websites.

Who wants to guess how many people will watch the special? I say 2.8 million at best.

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  1. CBS’ fall preview specials are definitely more entertaining than NBC’s, in that they often use more than one cast member of one of their comedy shows as “hosts”- usually the entire cast, if they have to. And they usually have better “patter” to work with. This year’s preview is one I’M looking forward to seeing….

  2. I was hoping they would show some mention of their ‘Cookie Jar TV’ Saturday Morning block on the special. The block has a golden opportunity to pull ahead, since the block is TRULY under new management this season, & I hope for some MAJOR changes!

    Cookie Jar has promised that the block WILL feature some NEW shows, including some live-action ones! I hoped they they release actual info on WHAT shows are going to join the roster! The two shows I enjoyed the most out of the previous season are Sushi Pack & Dino-Squad (I enjoy having heroes on SatAM). I also enjoyed Cake due to its originality, but they air the same 13 episodes they produced for their first season in 2006-2007! I would like to see Care Bears get the boot!

    I hope Cookie Jar gets their acts together! To contact them about the block, e-mail to: [email protected]


  3. Sorry to disappoint you, Jeremy, but network fall preview specials rarely ever mention anything about their Saturday morning schedules, preferring to concentrate on prime-time shows. There used to be “Saturday morning previews” on the networks, but they virtually disappeared by the mid-’80s.

    If Cookie Jar wanted to promote their “Kewlopolis” schedule on CBS, they would have produced their OWN special to do so; they merely “lease” the three hours they’re on every week from the network, determining what shows appear and responsible for selling advertising “space” during them. Nationally, they’re on from 9am through 12noon (et), but WCBS-TV in New York “delays” it to 10am-1pm because they feel another hour of local news at 9 is more profitable to them at that hour.

    Having seen their current lineup, it’s definitely time for a change!

  4. “KEWLopolis” becomes “Cookie Jar TV” on September 19th, Jeremy, with some new series (including repeats of “SABRINA, THE ANIMATED SERIES”, a cartoon featuring Richard Scarry’s “Busytown” characters and a Corey Barba- created show)…but I think “SUSHI PACK” and “DINO SQUAD” (and almost the entire schedule) are out.

  5. Barry, I am very pissed at the news, especially at the reinstatement of the terrible Sabrina: The Animated Series, which was the reason why the 2006-2007 season (Secret Slumber Pary) was dead last in ratings! If you wanted to reinstate a show from that season this year, you SHOULD have put the far-superior TROLLZ or DANCE REVOLUTION on the line-up instead! Sabrina: The Animated Series is considered by every single comic book purist to be THE SINGLE WORST ANIMATED SERIES BASED ON A COMIC BOOK EVER PRODUCED! The unaired ‘Youngblood’ pilot was better, EIKEN wa better, ASSEMBLE INSERT was better, the 1990s X-MEN was better, the 1970s Batman toon with Bat-Mite was better, ULTRAFORCE was better, the 1990s WildC.A.T.s was better, the 1990s SAVAGE DRAGON toon was bette, the short-lived SWAMP THING toon was better, & even the English SAILOR MOON dub WAS BETTER!

    More of my gripes abpout Cookie ar TV later!

    And I will boycott the block unless Sabrina gets expelled!


  6. I believe the entire Kewlopolis lineup will be dropped, all six shows currently airing. good riddance to Cake TV, there never was a season two, Cake TV has been airing the same 13 episodes for THREE YEARS NOW! The episodes were only new in the KOL Secret Slumber Party block, they were all reruns in the Kewlopolis block. What really aggravates me is they’re bringing back a decade old “Sabrina, the animated series” previously aired on KOL SSP, come on Cookie Jar TV! get your act together. Well now I won’t be watching Saturday morning TV, as it won’t be the same anymore, I will miss Dino Squad, Horseland, and Sushi Pack. The other three shows however, need to go so good riddance to half these shows (Strawberry Shortcake, Care Bears, Cake TV)

  7. Sabrina the animated Series is so 1999! come on!
    And they won’t be showing any new episodes on the new block. (Cookie Jar TV)
    Check the copyright at the end of the show and you’ll know what I’m saying. And don’t bother looking for the DIC logo, as it went defunct by summer 2008.

  8. I just saw a promotional spot for the CBS Fall Preview. So maybe more than 2.8 million viewers will tune in. It might break 3.5 million, who knows.

  9. For some odd reason, Cookie Jar is labeling the episodes of Sabrina: The Animated Series airing this season on Cookie Jar TV a new episodes!


  10. “SABRINA” returns- on the “Cookie Jar TV”/CBS block- because it was a “DIC”-produced series (which “Cookie Jar” controls now), and it’s a way for them to save money by producing one less new series. And yes, most of what had been part of the “Kewlopolis” schedule has been “shifted” to other “Cookie Jar” blocks on other cable channels.

  11. Then you would have enjoyed the cast serving as “hosts” for the “CBS FALL PREVIEW SHOW” this year, ‘Lost’. Their previews are usually informative and enjoyable {even though a laugh track was used in the “host” sequences}….and this year’s was no exception. However, their preview will not be repeated for broadcast, even though NBC has repeated theirs hundreds of times on the Internet, and multiple showings on their local affiliates [that still didn’t make it a “good” preview].

  12. Barry, I am pissed that Sabrina was going to be part of Cookie Jar TV! It was the worst comic book license to make a toon of!

    And Stawberry Shortcake is going to move to the Cookie Jar Network block in syndication!


  13. I WAS WRONG- WCBS-TV in New York will repeat the “CBS FALL PREVIEW SHOW” this coming Saturday (19th), right after the first appearance of the new “Cookie Jar TV” schedule on the network…VERY rare in that their preview shows have been repeated, locally.

    See, what did I tell you, Jeremy? Maybe not on cable channels, but virtually all of the “Cookie Jar” series they produce or own will reappear SOMEWHERE. “SABRINA THE ANIMATED SERIES” has been “floating” around in syndication during the past few years, so it’s never quite been “off the air”.

    As for “the worst comic book license”, keep in mind that Archie Comics probably would have discontinued publishing some variation of “Sabrina” if it weren’t for the popularity of that animated series AND the sitcom starring Melissa Joan Hart [THAT’S the worst example of “comic book licensing”- I have a long-distance friend who grew up watching the original animated version of “Sabrina”- and collected the original comics- and initially, he though Melissa’s version was a good one…by 2000, however, he told me he’d continue to record it for future playback, but his enthusiasm for it had diminshed considerably (I knew why; Melissa had been “Sabrina” longer than the four or five seasons she SHOULD have confined herself to, and that the “Teen-Age Witch” was growing up too fast…and the original format had been radically altered….eh, enough about that)].

    Why, even the latest “manga” version of “Sabrina” was discontinued some time ago. So, the Archie organization has a stake in those repeats, too {“keep the character- no matter WHICH variation- before the public as long as possible”}.

    American Greetings has a stake in “Strawberry”, too…

  14. But, Barry, there are far better comic book licenses that Cookie Jar should have signed deals for: Champions (Heroic Publishng), Femforce (AC Comics), Ninja High School (Antarctic Press), The Zero Patrol (Continuity Comics), or even Sultry Teenage Super Foxes (Solson Publishing)!


  15. I have sent a letter to the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson regarding the crap that is Cookie Jar TV!


  16. Maybe so, ‘Jeremy’, but Cookie Jar is always looking for “family-friendly” characters (including those of Richard Scarry’s “Busytown”), with special appeal to kids and pre-schoolers, for their TV series….and the ones you mentioned, they just won’t bother with [especially “Sultry Teenage Super Foxes”]. The idea of their series is to fulfill network and local station’s requirements for “educational” and “informative” children’s programming {i.e. subtly stick a lesson and/or moral within each story}. And from what I’ve seen, Cookie Jar has done a good [yet cheap] job. I can’t quite visualize “Femforce” trying to assure kids that “seeing the other person’s side of the story is beneficial to understanding your side as well”….or “Ninja High School” conveying the message that “violence should be avoided whenever possible”. Trying to impart “non-violence” would neutralize the point of virtually ALL those characters….leave those adaptations to channels like “Cartoon Network” [Adult Swim] and “Nicktoons”….

  17. I’d be surprised if Craig DID read your e-mail regarind “Cookie Jar”…I can see him riffing on what a “Cookie Jar TV” is….or– and don’t take this the wrong way– looking at your letter and just pushing it off his desk. Kepp in mind he only reads e-mails that intrigue him, or allow him to create amusing answers on the spot.

  18. The Ninja Turtles were successful on 4KidsTV/CW4Kids!

    The Sabrina property only appeals to the Taliban & The French!


  19. the only thing I find from Cookie Jar TV worth watching is Noonbory and the Super 7. Too bad they cut back from two to one airing per week now. What miffs me is they added another airing of Sabrina the Animated Series and brought back Strawberry Shortcake, AARGH!

  20. There will be another new show debuting on Cookie Jar TV on June 5, called the Backyardigans Adventure Club!


  21. I have some bad news: Cookie Jar TV has NOT premiered Backyardigans Adventure Club!

    I sure hope they permanently BOOT OUT the crapfest that is Sabrina: The Animated Series by the time next season starts!


  22. I.R., apparently Noonbory was Cookie Jar TV’s lowest ranked show with a 0.1 rating, while one of the Sabrina showings was the highest with 0.5!

    Also, Cookie Jar TV will be dropping the Doodlebops Rockin Road Show, as its last airing on the block will be tomorrow! That show is the newest show on that block and I shudder about what show is going take its spot on the roster!


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