NBC Fall Preview to Debut August 8th

According to The Hollywood Reporter, NBC will premiere its 2009-2010 fall preview special this Saturday (August 8th). It will be broadcast by NBC at some unknown date, will stream at NBC.com, air on several cable channels (Syfy, Bravo, USA) and be shown on over 10,000 American Airlines flights. Impressive. Jole McHale will host “The NBC Primetime Preview Show,” which will apparently be shown more than 300 times on cable and the network (and its affiliates). Interestingly, The Hollywood Reporter suggests that these previews have “become an annual tradition,” despite the fact that they have been used for decades.

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3 Replies to “NBC Fall Preview to Debut August 8th”

  1. Yes, the fall preview special will also be made available to NBC’s local affiliates as well; over the past few years, both network AND local telecasts of their previews have appeared (at least in the New York area). However, unlike NBC’s “sustaining” fall previews of the 1960’s, these have commercials [national sponsors in the network version, “local” in the local editions]. And I’ve seen the “current” ones over the years, and they {and NBC’s schedules} all look the same….

  2. “NBC PRIMETIME PREVIEW” made its debut in New York on Sunday, August 16th, at 12:30pm(nyt). Joel McHale, one of the cast members of the network’s new Thursday night comedy “COMMUNITY”, was the host, introducing preview segments of the new shows appearing on the fall schedule starting next month, and “clowing around” on the outdoor “COMMUNITY” campus set inbetween the previews.

    He may well be funny on “COMMUNITY”, but McHale came off as an absolute ass in this one. It’s a sure sign a network’s fall schedule is going to be a disaster if the host{ess} of their preview special has to “act funny” IF the material given them is downright terrible. And it was…I wonder how many people on those American Airline flights showing this special are going to attempt to jump off the plane after they’ve seen at least 10 minutes of it? Will the White House use this as “psychological warfare” in trying to convince North Korea to give up their nuclear weapons program? [Kim Jong-il: “All right, ALL RIGHT, we won’t bomb ANYBODY!! Just turn off those horrible pictures before I go INSANE!!! Uh-oh, I think I am…goo-goo-goo-goo-goo…”].

    Years from now, people and media experts are going to wonder, “Whatever happened to NBC?”. And this fall preview is the beginning of the answer…..

  3. You can tell when a network is desparate when they repeat their “Fall Preview” special a week AFTER their official season began. Yet, that’s what WNBC-TV did on Sunday [the 27th, at 12 Noon(nyt)]. The only difference was, THIS time, it was shown in “letterbox” [high-def widescreen]. But it was still a mediocre special…only Jay Leno “saved” it through his “special guest appearance”. So why didn’t HE host the damn thing????

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