Johnny Carson Comes to iTunes

Some 15 hours of material from The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson can now be downloaded via iTunes. I say material because only “best of” compilations and sixteen edited episodes are available for purchase, not complete episodes. How edited they are remains to be seen. The “best of” compilations cost $2.99 each while the edited episodes cost $1.99. There are also 50 alert tones available that cost $0.99 each. Here‘s a brief article discussing the iTunes deal.

Perhaps those more knowledgeable about The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson will know whether the content now available on iTunes has been previously released on DVD.

The past few months have seen content from The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson repurposed in a variety of ways. Last month, Volume 1 of The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson Vault Series was released on DVD. Although said to include two complete episodes from 1972, according to this review at the Home Theater Forum, neither of the episodes are completely uncut. And earlier this month, Carson on TCM premiered on cable channel TCM.

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