Happy Star Trek Day 2023

Happy Star Trek Day 2023! Star Trek debuted 57 years ago today in 1966 on NBC. No one watching had any way of knowing the show–cancelled after just three seasons–would lead to a massive media franchise that entertains millions of fans around the world. I’ve been a Star Trek fan my entire life. I grew up watching episodes of Star Trek taped from a local TV station that aired the show from worn 16mm prints.

Check out the official Star Trek Day special, hosted by Jerry O’Connell:

And here’s the first of five new Star Trek: very Short Treks animated shorts:

If you think there’s nothing obscure about the original Star Trek, think again. I’ve written two Tales of Lost TV columns relating to Star Trek. The first examines a videotaped segment of The Today Show from September 1966 in which Barbara Walters interviewed William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy, and Grace Lee Whitney. The second is about an on-air announcement NBC made in March 1968 telling fans the show was returning for another season.

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