Life with Lucy Coming to DVD

Lucille Ball’s final sitcom is finally coming to DVD on October 8th from CBS/Paramount. Life with Lucy premiered on ABC on September 20th, 1986. It reunited Ball and actor Gale Gordon, her co-star on The Lucy Show and Here’s Lucy. The network only aired eight of the 13 produced episodes before cancelling the show due to low ratings. The upcoming 2-disc set will include all 13 episodes.

Four episodes of Life with Lucy were included in Lucy: The Ultimate Collection, a 12-disc set released last September by Time Life.

(via TV Shows on DVD)

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4 Replies to “Life with Lucy Coming to DVD”

  1. On the one hand, “Life With Lucy” was by far the worst of Lucille Ball’s sitcoms.

    On the other hand, “Life With Lucy” was still better than nine out of ten situation comedies on TV at the time and, in my opinion, was actually entertaining.

    That’s how good her previous series were.

    Sub-par Lucy was better than most other sitcoms at their best!

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