New Lucille Ball DVD Collection Includes Life with Lucy Episodes

A new Lucille Ball DVD collection from Time Life will include episodes of her last sitcom, until now unavailable on DVD. But only four of them. Lucy: The Ultimate Collection collects 76 episodes of I Love Lucy, The Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour, The Lucy Show, Here’s Lucy, and Life with Lucy, plus a wide variety of bonus features.

Life with Lucy premiered on ABC on September 20th, 1986. It reunited Lucille Ball and actor Gale Gordon, her co-star on The Lucy Show and Here’s Lucy. The network aired eight of the 13 produced episodes before cancelling the show due to low ratings. It has never been officially released on VHS or DVD. Lucy: The Ultimate Collection includes the following four episodes: “One Good Grandparent Deserves Another” (the series premiere), “Lucy Makes a Hit with John Ritter,” “Lucy Is a Sax Symbol,” and “Mother of the Bride” (with guest star Audrey Meadows).

Lucy: The Complete Collection costs $99.95 and is only available from the Time Life website.

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4 Replies to “New Lucille Ball DVD Collection Includes Life with Lucy Episodes”

  1. Is there really a point to this package since I Love Lucy, Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour, The Lucy Show and Here’s Lucy are already available complete on DVD? And why only 4 episodes of Life With Lucy and not the complete series?

  2. I wish they’d come up with “The Ultimate Lucille Ball TV Series Collection”, featuring every episode of “I love Lucy”, “The Lucy/Desi Comedy Hour”, “The Lucy Show”, “Here’s Lucy” and “Life With Lucy”.

  3. Although “Life With Lucy” was by far the worst of Lucille Ball’s sitcoms, it was still much better than most other TV situation comedy series.

    It was only inferior to her prior shows.

  4. I just contacted Robert Jay (via the Contact link at the bottom of this page) about Linette’s trash comment. Let’s hope Linette gets a permanent Time Out.

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