Discuss the Start of the 2021-2022 Network TV Season

The 2021-2021 network TV season gets underway tonight. Every year from 2009 to 2019, I posted a poll asking readers to predict which new network TV show would get cancelled first. But network television has changed so much over the past ten years. Shows that were quickly cancelled just five years ago would be considered hits today. And the ratings hit new shows average today would’ve been quickly cancelled five years ago. Plus, there are now so many streaming services, not to mention all the basic and premium cable channels, that keeping track of the few dozen new network TV shows debuting each fall is hard for even the most avid viewer. There are hundreds of scripted TV shows airing throughout the year, every year.

Given all the competition, the networks aren’t as quick to make cancellations, often opting to reduce episode orders rather than abruptly pulling new show off the air. And cancellation decisions for new shows premiering this fall may not be made official until next May when the networks unveil their schedules for the 2022-2023 season.

So, rather than ask which new show will be the first cancellation of the 2021-2022 season, I’m just going to open up a general discussion of the 2021-2022 network TV season. Here’s a list of the new network TV shows premiering this fall:

  • Queens (ABC)
  • The Wonder Years (ABC)
  • NCIS Hawai’i (CBS)
  • FBI: International (CBS)
  • CSI: Vegas (CBS)
  • Ghosts (CBS)
  • Ordinary Joe (NBC)
  • La Brea (NBC)
  • The Big Leap (FOX)
  • Our Kind of People (FOX)
  • 4400 (The CW)

Are you excited to watch any of these new shows? Have you even heard of any of them? I’ll admit I’m tentatively excited about NBC’s La Brea even though it’ll probably be cancelled after half a season with no resolution. Or maybe it will go the way of Manifest and develop a large enough following to ensure a streaming service will pick it up after a few low-rated seasons on NBC.

Which of the new shows debuting over the next few weeks do you think will survive the entire 2021-2022 season? I haven’t read all that much about most of the new shows but I think The Wonder Years on ABC seems to have some momentum and will likely get picked up for the full season. Likewise, I’m guessing CBS will stick with NCIS Hawai’i, FBI: International, and CSI: Vegas for the full season. And The CW will probably renew 4400 because it renews almost every show.

Will any of these new TV shows return next fall? Or will they all become new obscurities?

6 Replies to “Discuss the Start of the 2021-2022 Network TV Season”

  1. NCIS Hawaii isn’t NCIS. It seems more like CSI or another show. It doesn’t have the charm of NCIS and the lead character just comes across as angry all the time. There also seems to be a lot of soapboxing going on.

    Most of the other shows haven’t premiered yet so it’s hard to comment on them other than from the previews. ABC’s fall preview struck me as if the station was trying to be another BET. It’s obvious they remade The Wonder Years just for it to be a black TV show. It’s fine to make a show aimed at a black audience, but this comes across as pandering. I think Disney is more interested in Disney+ right now and is only using the broadcast network to produce shows for syndication.

    Ghosts is based on a British series that’s been running for 3 seasons/series and has a total of 18 episodes. Like they did with other British imports, they’ll probably just remake the same episodes with a few changes to the scripts. They’ll probably not go more than 18 episodes in the first season but then have to come up with original scripts for any second season.

  2. I like the first episode. However I am optimistically cautious because these high concert shows usually burn out quickly or are canceled quickly. I’ve been disappointed too many times to count.

  3. I feel like CBS’ fall 2021 schedule is pretty smartly conceived. I never thought Ghosts would be a hit in today’s standards! Week 2 held up well. My biggest concern is scheduling CSI: Vegas at 10 against powerhouse Chicago PD! Tough as Nails is a weak show & is better suited for summer! It’s a horrible lead-in for CSI! CSI would benefit & do better following Survivor. Do you agree with this & my thoughts?

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