Zero Hour Cancelled After Just Three Episodes reports that ABC has pulled Zero Hour from its schedule effective immediately. Only three episodes The mid-season replacement premiered to low ratings on Thursday, February 14th and sank lower in each of its two subsequent broadcasts. Now the question becomes whether or not viewers tired of seeing shows cancelled after a handful of episodes have simply stopped tuning in? After all, why bother becoming invested in a new show when odds are it won’t last more than a few weeks?

At least Zero Hour lasted longer than Made in Jersey and Do No Harm, both of which were cancelled after just two episodes. Whenever a new show is abruptly yanked off the air so quickly it receives some coverage in the media. But has anyone run the numbers to see whether more shows this season have been pulled after two or three episodes compared to last season? Or the season before that?

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  1. How people watch TV is changing. Netflix offering the entire season of House of Cards to be watched at the viewers own speed could change “the watercooler” effect and have people screaming about spoilers.

    FX order of Anger Management of 10/90, where 10 episodes run triggers a renewal of 90 more is a reflect of how cable networks are more concerned about the problem then the Big 4.

    Will Apple and Google succeed in their new internet/TV sets?

    I watch the majority of scripted TV on computer (I’d watch all but cursed Person of Interest refuses to let me). This could mean more sports and live programs by the networks (unless the ratings starting counting those like me).

    Arc shows are following the lead of Justified and Fringe and closing the small arc each season. The end of Fringe’s third season was a better final episode than the series actual final episode.

    This has lead many to wait for the DVD and watch a season at a time. AMC shows such as Mad Men and Breaking Bad have benefited from this.

    As for quick cancellations, I’d claim the 70s had more quick hooks but there are more networks today so it seems like more.

  2. If viewers weren’t willing to invest their time in “LAST RESORT”, whatever made ABC executives think “ZERO HOUR” was going to be more successful? A series like “LOST” comes only once every generation….oh well, back to “WIPEOUT”.

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