ABC Pulls Lucky 7 After Two Episodes

The first cancellation — and first New Obscurity — of the 2013-2014 has been revealed: ABC’s Lucky 7, pulled today after just two episodes had been aired. The drama series, about a group of gas station employees who win the lottery, was adapted from a British series called The Syndicate. It premiered on Tuesday, September 24th to historically low ratings for ABC and sank even further this week with its second episode.

According to, production has not been shut down completely. No word yet on how many episodes have been completed or whether they will be aired at some point.

Congratulations to anyone who placed odds on Lucky 7 being the first cancellation of the new season. ABC did such a wonderful job promoting the series that I was barely even aware of its existence.


  • Barry I. Grauman says:

    That does not bode well for the two sitcoms scheduled before it {“TROPHY WIFE” and “THE GOLDBERGS”}…..if they couldn’t convince viewers to “stick around” at 10pm(et) to see “LUCKY 7”- I still say THEY’LL be cancelled as well.

  • David says:

    This is from Entertainment Weekly: “ABC had an inkling the show wasn’t going to work out based on pre-launch polling and didn’t invest in marketing art for the show.”

    I did not watch the show, but it sounds like a premise that would be better suited to a movie or miniseries. I mean, they win the money and find out that becoming rich does not solve all problems, and can even create some new ones. What if the show had been a hit and run for four or five seasons? What kind of stories would they be telling at that point? Would they still be working at the gas station? I suppose some of the characters could blow through their winnings and be back where they started, and others could invest in sensibly and/or start successful businesses or whatever. But it just seems to me that after the initial winning and a period following that where they are finding their way with their newfound wealth, there would not be anywhere to really go with it.

  • Robert says:

    It was also somewhat reminiscent of another failed lottery show called Windfall, which aired on NBC during the summer of 2006 for 13 episodes.

  • Barry I. Grauman says:

    Ah, yes…”WINDFALL”. Did you know that NBC’s New York affiliate, WNBC-TV, pre-empted the final episode locally, in favor of a pre-season football game? I’m still wondering just how things DID turn out…..

  • Bob says:

    From EW : ‘Ironside’ is NBC’s lowest-rated fall drama debut ever

    NBC’s Ironside premiere delivered a rusted rating Wednesday night. The remake of the classic 1960s-70s series about a wheelchair-bound detective starring Blair Underwood had 6.8 million viewers and a 1.4 rating at 10 p.m., ranking third in the hour. Ironside marks NBC’s lowest-rated fall drama debut ever in the demo (though not among total viewers). The previous low was 2011′s utterly doomed Playboy Club with a 1.6.

    This might be the second canceled show. Does anyone know RAYMOND BURR’S first episode rating?

  • Adi says:

    ABC, NBC, CBS or Fox should get the rights from Nickelodeon to air reruns of The Amanda Show during prime time. The Amanda Show was so funny. The show was geared towards tweens, but any adult with a sense of humor would be pissing themselves from laughter.

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