FOX Affiliates Airing 2024 Spring Preview Special

Earlier this month, FOX affiliates across the country began airing “The 2024 FOX Spring Preview,” a half-hour special hosted by Joel McHale and Ken Jeong. The special offers viewers a look at the upcoming FOX spring schedule that kicks off Monday, March 4th. According to Variety, the special began airing on February 16th and will continue airing it through March 5th, with a total of around 400 broadcasts across 100% of stations affiliated with FOX.

Due to the Writers Guild of America and SAG-AFTRA strikes last year, FOX delayed the bulk of its planned Fall 2023 programming schedule. Returning shows debuting in March include The Cleaning Lady, The Masked Singer, Animal Control, Masterchef Junior, and Alert: Missing Persons Unit.

Check your local listings to see if “The 2024 FOX Spring Preview” is airing in your area or watch it on YouTube:

While fall preview specials date back to the early 1960s, spring previews are far less common.

(Thanks to Patrick.)

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2 Replies to “FOX Affiliates Airing 2024 Spring Preview Special”

  1. I don’t watch many new TV shows, and it’s probably been at least 10 years since I’ve watched anything on Fox, so I haven’t thought of the network in many years. I hope its got shows that currently interest people who don’t prefer finding old shows on YouTube, and I hope the spring preview show is popular.

  2. oh?? FOX 5 station has been living off is laurels for 35 years or more/;;;;/If it doenst come up with any catchy sounds//. music;;; or writers of quality– they are bound to be seen as an anachronism//—–lately they have been showing weekend sports like ncaa stuff// obvously as last minute decisions.. since there’ s NO FREE LUNCH–So keep their hopes high meanwhile

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