New Colorized I Love Lucy Special Airing on CBS Tonight

A new colorized I Love Lucy specials airs tonight on CBS from 8-9PM ET. I usually catch wind of these specials weeks or months before they’re broadcast but somehow this one slipped past me. The “I Love Lucy Funny Money Special” features two newly colorized episodes of the long-running sitcom: “The Million-Dollar Idea” from January 1954 and “Bonus Bucks” from March 1954.

Here’s a preview:

This is the tenth colorized I Love Lucy special for CBS. The network began airing colorized episodes in December 2013.

Colorized I Love Lucy Episodes, 2013-Present

December 2013
“The Christmas Episode”
“Lucy’s Italian Movie”

December 2014
“The Christmas Episode”
“Job Switching”

May 2015
“L.A. At Last!”
“Lucy and Superman”

December 2015
“The Christmas Episode”
“Lucy Does a TV Commercial”

May 2016
“Lucy Visits Grauman’s”
“Lucy and John Wayne”

December 2016
“The Christmas Episode”
“Lucy Gets in Pictures”

May 2017
“Dancing Star”
“Harpo Marx”

December 2017
“The Christmas Episode”
“The Fashion Show”

December 2018
“The Christmas Episode”
“Pioneer Women”

April 2019
“The Million-Dollar Idea”
“Bonus Bucks”

The official CBS press release for the special is available here.

Over the past few years, CBS has also aired colorized episodes of The Andy Griffith Show and The Dick Van Dyke Show. I’ve been keeping track of these colorized specials since they started. But I haven’t watched one since the very first colorized I Love Lucy special back in 2013.

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