Antenna TV Announces New Fall Schedule

Antenna TV announced its new Fall 2013 schedule earlier this month. The classic television digital specialty network, launched in January 2011, is currently available in 66% of the country. The new schedule, effective in November, sees the addition of a number of shows: I Dream of Jeannie, Bewitched, Mister Ed, Green Acres, The Patty Duke Show and Flipper.

No word yet on exactly when the new schedule will launch, where the new additions will be scheduled or which (if any) current Antenna TV shows will be removed to make room for the new ones.

Read the full Antenna TV press release here.

40 Replies to “Antenna TV Announces New Fall Schedule”

  1. Enjoy the shows daily. Its nice we can return to the good ole days thru antenna tv. GOD BLESS! ps, I hope mchales navy stays around for a while.

  2. I think it’s great that you are adding new shows especially Mr, Ed and GreenAcres!
    PLEASE don’t REMOVE Dennis The Menace, Father Knows Best, or Sanford And Son!
    Thanks for listening to me and my family of 7.
    We love Antenna TV!

    1. it sucks u took goodtimes off. bad enough u only had two black shows. well no more antanna tv for me. who wants watch all them plain white shows. ugggg

      1. wow you cry about seeing only white shows on here…well there is plenty of other channels that have black shows as you put it… glad its as you say white shows

    2. Please put Maude back from 10-11 pm central time and Good Times from 6-7
      central time. I love Antenna TV but would like to have theh schedule in white with black printing.

      Why not get Emergency on 9:00pm central time. Broadcast statioins have really dreadful shows on at that time.

  3. It’s nice finally to see some changes, but I think there are so many more shows to choose. Change all your shows, put on the westerns, medical Dr Kildare, St Elsewhere, Ben Casey. Dramas six million dollar man, sue side six, black sheep squadron. The point is you have been showing the same lineup for to many years. Listen to your customers.

  4. I am a faithful viewer of your Station and am looking forward to Mr. Ed and Green Acres, they are two of the funniest shows.

  5. My family and I really hope that you will not remove Maude and Good Times. Those are to of our favorite shows on Antenna TV.


  6. very annoyed at new schedule! they removed the nanny and now i can only watch bachelor father and father knows best at like 4am….and the patty duke show is in the middle of the day :[ not excited! will probably stop watching the station as often.

    1. I agree. Bachelor Father and Father Knows Best in the middle of the night isn’t going to happen for me either and the currant line up doesn’t interest me that much.

    2. I agree with you. Bachelor Father, Father Knows Best and Alfred Hitchcock Presents are my favorite shows on Antenna TV but the new schedule shows them at 5 AM, 6 AM and 2 AM. Just awful!

  7. Just really getting to see Nanny episodes I missed as a teen . Cant Nanny return one night a week?

  8. Really not happy that bachelor father is only on in the middle of the night. It is one of my, and by the comments, a lot of peoples favorite shows. also father knows best too. Its great to switch up your programming little but if you remove or make unwatchable your loyal watchers favorite shows, you’re going to lose viewership. I think you’ll lose more than the new shows will bring in new. I guess the numbers will decide everything. I know you can’t please everyone but hopefully you will listen to the majority. thanks!,

    1. Absolutely! Why show so many movies when few viewers seem to watch them? Bachelor Father and Father Knows Best are unique shows – also very funny and charming. Bachelor Father is not commercially available so that’s also a problem when you moved it to 5 AM!!

      And why take away the great Alfred Hitchcock’s marvelous midnight slot and move him to 2 AM?

  9. HATE the new line up-HATE it! Those shows were obscure for a reason! You lost a viewer-will switch to ME TV.

    1. What’s with that dreadful Jack Benny Program?! Holy smokes that’s a STUPID show! Burns and Allen: BORING! Green Acres: Lame! Antenna TV, get your act back together, PLEASE!!!

      1. I wouldn’t refer to George and Gracie’s show as “boring”- name one other TV series where someone can eavesdrop on family and friends with their very own TV set in the den, and offer sarcastic commentary while watching it! Besides, George Burns was a GREAT monologist…..Jack Benny is a comedy legend. To understand him, you have to “know” his character [and those surrounding him] to get the “jokes”. {however, some of his filmed episodes DID fall a bit flat}.

      2. Green acres is one of my fave so quit bashing it! I don’t like leave it to beaver can remove that one!!!
        Leave green acres, bewitched, Dennis the menace with the george wilson (don’t like the John wilson ones he ruins the show!)

  10. You have really up set me by taking Benson off before it had run throught all itt’s episodes at least once.
    Pleasee brinson Benson back and pick up where you left off with the begining of season 6.


  11. Well some of the new shows are ok, but there are a lot of time slots that I’m not watching anymore. One of the main times is 8:00 at night during the week. I feel abandoned for that time. Nothing at all good to watch here. I’m afraid you’ve lost me for a lot of the fall schedule. Hopefully you’ll get me back the next time around but for now I’ll be watching the only other channel I get or dvd’s since I can’t afford cable.

    Thank you at least for the past shows that were on.


  12. I wanna see shows featuring The special guests I mean regular guests who are all music bands. Singing groups. Those British Invasion Bands from all those shows that had them. Too many to mention now. I’m outta time. Please just do it! Beatrice

  13. I’m glad that there are alternative cable networks that play TV shows from eons ago, but I really would prefer to watch the less common classics, shows that haven’t been in syndication in years, instead of blocks of episodes of I Dream of Jeannie and Bewitched. Jeannie and Bewitched are good shows in a particular sense, but they’re by no means favorites of mine.

    I’d love to see shows like Room 222, Angie, Nanny And The Professor, Briget Loves Birney and numerous other classics shown again. There were a lot of great network movies made in the ’70s that would be enjoyable to view again.

    Even though Antenna TV and MeTV show some oldies that aren’t exactly my cup of tea, they’re by no means the atrocities that TVLand broadcasts. TVLand became an absolute heap of rubbish years ago. The Nanny? Hot in Cleveland? Kristie? The Soul Man? Oh, spare us from the stupidity TVLand!

  14. I’m disappointed with the new line up. What happened to Benson? I was really getting in to the show and it’s dropped. Why? Last night it’s a marathon of I dream of Jeannie. Enough please! Some of the really old BW shows are terrible. Jack Benny is a dumb show. Does anybody watch that? Please bring back Benson. It’s one of the cooler old-time shows that most people like.

  15. I hate the Fall lineup. I used to look forward to watching some of the oldies, in the evening, prior to the 2013 Fall changeover. Apparently there are a lot of people who’re displeased with the deletion of Benson. I’m one of those people. Benson is a quality sitcom that should’ve been allowed to run its full seven seasons. I won’t watch much of what Antenna has on now. I agree with other commenters about The Jack Benny Show: it’s awful. I don’t believe that there’re too many people who’d watch that drivel. I hope that Antenna TV will make some big changes in the Spring and Summer. PLEASE BRING BACK BENSON!!!

  16. I love Norman Lear’s shows. Maude is a lot of fun to watch. Some of the greatest TV shows were made in the ’70s. I’m not a big fan of ’50s TV shows. Some are pretty good, but others are dull.

  17. hate the fall lineup. im a night owl and the shows on at that time are horrible . alot of people are mad at benson being taken off. i am too. wish more modern classics of 70s and 80s shows were on.

  18. When I couldn’t sleep I would watch Antenna TV and I liked their previous lineup. Now all they show at late night is so boring.

  19. I’m glad that Antenna TV has decided to add some newer media to their lineup; Three’s Company and Too Close for Comfort. These newer classics have a much broader appeal than the archaic programs of TV’s early days. Personally I think shows from the ’70s and the earlier part of the ’80s were some of the best TV shows made. I hope that the trend to show newer classics becomes more prevalent because I really don’t think too may people care to watch the really old black and white programs.

  20. Too Close For Comfort needs to go. The show is banal to say the least. It’s hard to watch Ted Knight who was such a brilliant comedy actor succumbed to his role as Henry Rush on that show. I didn’t like Too Close For Comfort when it was new, and I still don’t like it to this day.

    Three’s Company was a pretty comical show. But I’m so disappointed that Antenna TV has decided to air the unrestored, hacked up, syndicated versions. The openings on seasons 3 to 7 all have 20 seconds cut from them. They’re not like this on the box sets of dvd’s of Three’s Company.

  21. The Love Boat needs to set sail out of syndication permanently! Gavin MacLeod was a gem on MTM, but as Capt. Stubing forget it!

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