2014-2015 Fall Preview Specials [Updated]

The 66th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards air live tonight on NBC and while the awards will be looking back at last season’s shows, there’s sure to be a lot of interest in what’s coming up this fall on NBC. The 2014-2015 TV season kicks off Monday, September 22nd and that means it’s time for fall preview specials. So far, I’ve only found information on the CBS and NBC specials, nothing on ABC, FOX or The CW. Update: I’ve added information about this year’s ABC fall preview special.

As always, check your local listings.

ABC – “Thank God It’s Thursday on ABC”

No word yet about a full fall preview from the Alphabet network but it will be releasing an affiliates special called “Thank God It’s Thursday on ABC” focusing on its Thursday line-up consisting of Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal, and How to Get Away from Murder, all from producer Shonda Rhimes who will host the special. Update: This is also apparently airing nationally on ABC on Sunday, September 28th from 3-3:30PM.

CBS – “CBS Fall Preview”

Jim Nantz of CBS Sports will host this half-hour special that airs nationally on Monday, September 1st from 8:30-9PM. Affiliates will have the option of repeating it through September 21st. It will also be available on demand and online. A full press release can be found here.

NBC – “The 2014 NBC Primetime Preview Show”

Hosted by Casey Wilson and Ken Marino from NBC’s new sitcom Marry Me, this half-hour affiliate special started airing on on Saturday (August 23rd) and will be shown through October 19th. It will not be airing nationally on NBC. More information can be found here.

If anyone knows what ABC, FOX and The CW are planning, hit the comments.

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  1. ABC ‘Thank God It’s Thursday’ fall preview show will be distributed as an affiliate special beginning next weekend. Miss Shonda Rhimes hosts a preview of ABC’s new Thursday primetime lineup. Miss Rhimes will interview Miss Ellen Pompeo, Miss Viola Davis and Miss Kerry Washington, the three starlets driving the Alphabet’s Thursday night Neilsens.

      1. In searching listings I’m finding it showing up on Sept. 14th.

        I also see there’s a special on the 7th about School House Rocks!

  2. I’ve been scanning the online TV listings for the specials. I use to use Zap2it before they messed everything up. I usually do a search for “preview” and it tends to find the shows. I also search for ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX and CW just in case they use a title without “preview.” TitanTV allows a search for two weeks, although some only allow for one week.

    NBC’s is repeated a number of times over the next few weeks. CBS appears on Monday. I can’t find anything for the rest. The past couple ones for ABC have been hosted by The Chew.

    The most likely time for them to show up would be around the weekend of the 20th since the new season starts the following week. Last year all five networks had specials so I would be surprised if three stations decided not to do them.

  3. Turns out that both ABC and Fox have turned their backs on fans by failing to produce traditional fall preview specials in favor of highlighting major shows. Nothing yet from The CW, but since their network premieres don’t start until October, I would start searching listings at the end of September.

    ABC: Affiliates have been airing Thank God Its Thursday and Resurrection: A Second Chance. As they say, check your local listings for dates and times in your area.

    Fox: Affiliates have been airing Gotham: The Legend Reborn and Mulaney: An Opening Act. Again, check local listings.

    1. ABC has done show or night-specific fall previews before. Not sure about FOX.

      I have not seen any of the ABC or FOX specials airing up in my area. I was able to watch the CBS and NBC specials.

      The CBS special was nothing, well, special and Jim Nantz was a pretty terrible choice of host. NBC’s special was better; Casey Wilson and Ken Marino did what they could with the corny dialogue.

  4. I watched the 10 minute preview and 17 minutes of commercials CBS special last Monday.
    I noticed there’s preview specials for ABC, NBC & FOX ON Demand.

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