Dan August Coming to getTV on May 21st

Diginet getTV will air ten episodes of Dan August this Sunday (May 21st) starting at 8PM ET. The one season wonder starred Burt Reynolds as a police detective who worked in his California hometown. Norman Fell co-starred as Sergeant Charles Wilentz, August’s partner. Rounding out the cast were Richard Anderson, Ned Romero, and Ena Hartmann.

The series ran on ABC for 26 episodes during the 1970-1971 season. The episodes getTV has scheduled feature guest stars like Harrison Ford, Billy Dee Williams, Ricardo Montalban, Mickey Rooney, John Ritter, Donna Mills, Gary Busey, Martin Sheen, and Joan Van Ark.

In 1973 and again in 1975, after Burt Reynolds became a big movie star, CBS rebroadcast episodes of Dan August.

Last month, getTV aired six episodes of Hawk (ABC, 1966-1967), also starring Burt Reynolds. Neither show is available on DVD.

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  1. ‘Dan August’ is also notable in that it made a couple of comebacks as a summertime reprise series on rival net CBS and got very sizeable ratings. At the time, Mr. Burt Reynolds movie career was in ascendancy, and as much as the net might want to have re-upped the series, he would have likely been uninterested.

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