Hawk Coming to getTV on April 9th

Short-lived ABC police drama Hawk, starring Burt Reynolds, begins airing on diginet getTV on April 9th. The hour-long series ran for 17 episodes during the 1966-1967 season. Reynolds stars as Lieutenant John Hawk, a full-blooded Indian (Native American). An investigator for the New York City District Attorney, Hawk faces discrimination due to his heritage.

Six episodes will air from 12AM to 6AM ET on Sunday, April 9th (or Monday, April 10th, depending on your time zone and point of view).

Here’s a clip from the series, courtesy of getTV’s official YouTube channel:

Back in December 2014, I reviewed a TV tie-in novel based on Hawk, written by Richard Hardwick.

In May, getTV will air episodes of Dan August, another TV show starring Burt Reynolds.

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