The Young Lawyers Coming to DVD

Last week, an Amazon listing popped up for a 6-disc DVD set of The Young Lawyers, a legal drama that aired on ABC from 1970-1971. The series starred Lee J. Cobb as David Barrett, an experienced lawyer who oversaw the Neighborhood Law Office (NLO), a legal aid outfit in Boston. Zalman King and Judy Pace co-starred as law students Aaron Silverman and Pat Walters. A total of 24 episodes were broadcast.

The listing includes cover art but no release date, although the set is available for pre-order for $34.99 if you’re interested. Do note this is coming from Amazon’s CreateSpace manufacture-on-demand (MOD) program.

Cover art for The Young Lawyers on DVD
Preliminary cover art.
(Courtesy of

There’s no official announcement as far as I know. doesn’t have anything yet. So there’s no word on whether or not the set will include the pilot telefilm from October 1969.

Were you a fan of The Young Lawyers? Will you be buying the DVD set when it gets released? Hit the comments with your thoughts.

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4 Replies to “The Young Lawyers Coming to DVD”

  1. The series was set in Boston because Massachusetts allows law school students to try cases in court, under the supervision of a practicing attorney.

  2. Having seen the TV movie for the first time in 45+ years on the Decades cable network in 2015 and about 8-10 episodes which aired on TV Land in the 1990s, the series did show some promise but, I believe, failed for various reasons. Notably, competition against established higher-rated shows like Gunsmoke, Laugh-In [Monday nights before ABC’s Monday Night Football] and Hawaii Five-O [mid-season scheduling switch to Wednesday nights]).

    I hope more short-lived series are given a chance to be viewed via MOD or streamed.

  3. Thank you for this. I was a kid in 1971 and loved the show. Aaron Silverman was an amazing character portrayed compassionately and groovily by Zalman King–he had a way of communicating his soul. Many episodes were never even broadcast. I’ve seen the pilot movie many times, and it is NOT the series, nothing but a law and order procedural. The series was Aaron and Zalman and I very much would like to get The Young Lawyers DVD. Also a show that same Fall, the Young Rebels, a period show about the American revolution.

  4. I wanted to become a lawyer to save the world because of this brief series. I wanted to be a defense atty and save the world……until someone explained to me that I would have no choice who I defended and most of my clients would be scum and guilty as charged. I should have considered becoming part of the D.A.’s office; perhaps I would eventually have enough power to throw out the “most convenient suspect” problem. Who knows?

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