WNBT Schedule, Week of March 30th, 1947

Here’s the schedule for WNBT (NBC’s flagship TV station in New York City) for the week starting Sunday, March 30th, 1947. The New York Times published daily listings for television stations in the city, including WNBT, alongside its comprehensive radio listings.

WNBT altered its Sunday lineup once again on March 30th. Following an episode of NBC Television Theatre, the station aired a fashion show and a filmed Bible story. Two weeks earlier, something called Bible Stories aired on Sunday, March 16th.

A pair of films aired on Monday, March 31st: highlights of the 1946 World Series and a cooking film.

WNBT signed on the air on Tuesday, April 1st to broadcast the opening of a New York City cancer drive from the Hotel Astor. As usual, no programs were scheduled for Wednesday, April 2nd.

After airing Show Business Incorporated on Thursdays for the past two weeks, WNBT changed its lineup on April 3rd. Something called Juvenile Jury aired from 8-9PM ET.

On Friday, April 4th, WNBT aired two religious programs: an Easter choir and a film called Journey into Faith. The station’s cooking show, I Love to Eat, ended its run the previous week.

There was no feature film on Saturday, April 5th. WNBT aired racing from Jamaica Track at 3:15PM ET. Specifically, the Paumonok Handicap. WCBS-TV also aired coverage of the race beginning at 3:30PM ET.

Sunday, March 30th, 1947
 8:00PM Tele-varieties
 8:30PM Television Theatre [NBC Television Theater]: Orchids for Margaret
 9:00PM Fashion Show

 9:20PM Filmed Bible Story

Monday, March 31st, 1947
 8:00PM Film: World Series of 1946
 8:30PM Film: Gentle Art of Cookery
 9:00PM Television Reporter
 9:10PM Boxing, at St. Nicholas Arena

Tuesday, April 1st, 1947
 8:00PM Opening of New York City Cancer Committee Drive, Hotel Astor

Wednesday, April 2nd, 1947
No Programs Scheduled

Thursday, April 3rd, 1947
 7:50PM Television Newsreel
 8:00PM Juvenile Jury
 8:50PM You Are an Artist-Jon Gnagy
 9:00PM Television Newsreel

Friday, April 4th, 1947
 8:00PM Campus Show [Campus Hoopla] with Clair Bee
 8:35PM Easter Choir
 8:46PM World in Your Home–Film
 9:00PM Film: Journey into Faith

Saturday, April 5th, 1947
 3:15PM Racing: Jamaica Track; Paumonok Handicap

Note: Television listings published in newspapers were based on information provided by stations and were subject to change at the last minute. They may not be an accurate representation of what actually aired.

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