Chicago Videodex Ratings, April 1950

Once again, I don’t know the exact period these Videodex ratings cover because the Chicago Daily Tribune article they’re found in doesn’t specify. The list was published alongside the very first national Nielsen ratings and author Larry Wolters pointed out that the Top Three programs nationally and in Chicago were the same.

Nielsen Top 10

## Program Rating
1. Texaco Star Theater (The Milton Berle Show) 65.6
2. Arthur Godfrey and Friends 64.3
3. Arthur Godfrey’s Talent Scouts 51.8
4. Super Circus 46.2
5. Toast of the Town 43.4
6. The Aldrich Family 36.2
7. The Original Amateur Hour 35.9
8. Television Theater 34.7
9. Garroway at Large 34.5
10. Sunday TV Playhouse 33.7


Wolters, Larry. “The Televiewer.” Chicago Daily Tribune. 8 May 1950: B10.

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One Reply to “Chicago Videodex Ratings, April 1950”

  1. As previously mentioned, it was the “location” of these shows that allowed the networks to “build” their schedules and attract move viewers (as TV stations were being constructed and more people went out and bought sets, instead of watching at their friends and neighbors’ homes).

    All times are Eastern {for Chicago/Central time, subtract one hour}.

    2) “ARTHUR GODFREY AND HIS FRIENDS” (CBS, Wednesdays, 8pm)
    3) “ARTHUR GODFREY’S TALENT SCOUTS” (Mondays, 8:30pm, simulcast on CBS radio)
    4) “SUPER CIRCUS” [featuring ringmaster Claude Kirchner and circus “band leader” Mary Hartline, originating from Chicago] (ABC, Sundays, 5-6pm)
    5) “TOAST OF THE TOWN” [Ed Sullivan] (CBS, Sundays, 8pm)
    6) “THE ALDRICH FAMILY” [TV adaptation of the famous radio comedy, featuring a slightly different cast] (NBC, Sundays, 7:30pm)
    7) “THE ORIGINAL AMATEUR HOUR” [featuring the one and only Ted Mack as emcee] (DuMont, Sundays, 7pm)
    8) “KRAFT TELEVISION THEATER” (NBC, Wednesdays, 9pm)
    9) “GARROWAY AT LARGE” [low-key and informal variety show starring Dave Garroway, who got his job on “THE TODAY SHOW” because of this innovative series- also from Chicago] (NBC, Sundays, 10pm)

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