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Here’s a short promotional spot for Brooklyn Bridge that features absolutely no footage from the series but instead creator Gary David Goldberg simply stating that the series is about childhood. Brooklyn Bridge ran for a total of 34 episodes, ending in 1993. It’s not often you see the creator of a series pitching it.

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2 Replies to “Brooklyn Bridge Promotional Spot”

  1. My family and I loved this show; Dad loved it because like Gary David Goldberg he too was a kid in NYC (Queens) in the 50’s, Mom, my sister and I loved it because we were able to now visualize things that were in the stories that dad would tell us about his childhood

  2. CBS initially loved this series, but as certain executives were replaced, the new ones had little patience in keeping the series on the air to allow it to “find its audience” (and bigger ratings). They moved “BROOKLYN BRIDGE” several times across their schedule during the two seasons it aired, guaranteeing it would never reach the mass audience it deserved. Gary David Goldberg talked at length about the show [and his disappointment when CBS cancelled it] in his recent autobiography, “Sit, Ubu, Sit” {READ IT!!}.

    The network did this with several series in the early ’90s, including the “sequel” to “DESIGNING WOMEN”, Delta Burke’s “WOMEN OF THE HOUSE” in 1995. It was perceived as too “feminist-oriented” and a “soapbox” for creator/co-producer Linda Bloodworth-Thomason’s personal and political views- and CBS stuck it on Fridays, where NOTHING seemed to “stick” at 8pm(et)- so they pulled it before all 13 episodes had a chance to be seen. Lifetime cable channel aired the remaining four episodes shortly after.

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