Gunsmoke, Rawhide and Have Gun, Will Travel Coming to Encore Westerns in 2010

Premium cable channel Encore Westerns will begin airing Gunsmoke in January of 2010 according to The Hollywood Reporter. The show has previously aired on Encore Westerns but hasn’t been seen in four years. Rawhide and Have Gun, Will Travel, also from CBS TV Distribution, will debut sometime in 2010. Encore Westerns is one of seven Encore channels owned by Starz Entertainment, it seems, none of which I have ever seen.

The article quotes Nancy Silverstone, vice president of program acquisitions for Starz Entertainment as saying “our Westerns viewers are made up of true and diehard fans of the genre. They were devastated when ‘Gunsmoke’ went off the channel four long years ago. The series is still relevant today as it was over 50 years ago. We have no doubt that our fans will also be excited by the addition of the classic series ‘Have Gun Will Travel’ and ‘Rawhide.'”

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  1. WHICH version of “GUNSMOKE” is Encore Westerns scheduling? The original half-hour version (1955-’61, seen in repeats as “MARSHAL DILLON”?). The first five seasons of the hour-long series in black-and-white (1961-’66)? Or the ones that TV Land are showing now (1966-’75)? It’s good to know that “HAVE GUN- WILL TRAVEL” and “RAWHIDE” will be seen again…

  2. Those three are, without a doubt, the best of the best of all the western TV series ever made. There was a level of consistently good storytelling and character drama that each show maintained from beginning to end.

    I’m surprised no attempt has ever been made by Clint Eastwood to bring a version of Rawhide to the big screen. One would think he could come up with a great story to direct.

  3. Phyllis will be very happy to know (if she doesn’t by now) that “CHEYENNE” is still on Encore Westerns. And that the 1961-’66 edition of “GUNSMOKE”, which EW previously aired several years ago, is the one they’re carrying now.

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  6. Encore Westerns was wise to listen to their viewers and bring back Gunsmoke. It will be enjoyed by new and long time fans of the series. Can’t wait for Rawhide, and Hooray for Wagon Train. Keep it up Encore.

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